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One of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the world today, Shopify powers over 800,000 businesses in 175 countries. While this is excellent news for consumers, it also means that business owners will face stiff competition. You must stay current with Shopify's developments and issues as a business owner. As with any master plan, you need to find someone who can amplify your advantages, mitigate your weaknesses, and provide insight that you might have overlooked otherwise. You gain advantages like these while dealing with a Shopify Virtual Assistant.

Hiring Virtual Assistant: Shopify Tasks To Outsource

Hire a Shopify virtual assistant to assist you with starting, managing, marketing, and ultimately expanding your brand online. The following are some crucial jobs you ought to delegate to a Shopify virtual assistant:

Account Setup

Your virtual assistant can set up your Shopify account if you haven't done so already. Setting up your login information, filling out the Contact Us and About Us pages, and setting default store information, like the store's weight unit and currency, are all part of the process.

Along with creating an account, you must also add products, upload photos, complete descriptions, and list everything in the appropriate categories. To make sure that customers can quickly and easily locate information about your products and business, organization skills are necessary.

Product Sourcing

The secret to succeeding as an online business is sticking to a specialty. Even yet, if you only sell one item, your store won't be profitable enough. Utilizing the goods that represent your brand while also increasing variety is what you want to do.

You need a product sourcing expert to accomplish this. Determine your target customer's characteristics and purchasing habits by working with your Shopify virtual assistant. Your virtual assistant will then be able to compile a list of goods to add to your repertoire. A good VA may also assist you in negotiating favorable terms with manufacturers and suppliers.

Web Design

In online platforms, web design is crucial, and Shopify is no exception. It assists you in creating and maintaining your brand identity. It draws potential customers and raises the perceived value of your brand.

To produce eye-catching graphics for your Shopify website, collaborate with a web designer. Your VA will make sure that every aspect of your Shopify store is taken care of, from choosing colors to typography to focusing on alignment and navigation.

Web Development and Maintenance

While web developers ensure that a website functions, web designers are responsible for how it looks. It is not sufficient to have a visually appealing Shopify store; it also needs to be useful and safe.

Find a VA who has received the necessary expertise in web building and upkeep. They can protect your data from online thieves and guarantee that your website functions properly at all times.

UI and UX Customization

Shopify comes with default templates to help entrepreneurs build their websites. However, you want to go beyond the basics and add unique brand elements to your account to attract more customers and have an advantage over similar brands.

To help you do this, find a VA who has knowledge and skills in user interface and user experience. UI and UX specialists would also know how to migrate features and elements from other e-commerce platforms onto Shopify.

Inventory Management

Do you have trouble keeping track of your inventory? Even while this is an indication that your company is doing well, maintaining track of inventory can be time-consuming and challenging if you add it to your list of duties.

Utilizing a virtual assistant for inventory management is recommended. Your VA will watch out to make sure you don't have an excessive or inadequate amount of any product. They can also offer you strategy and development-related advice on which products sell the most.

Order Process and Management

Online shopping is popular because it is convenient. Because of this, you must make sure that orders are handled quickly and that customers receive the right things.

Hire a Shopify virtual assistant to handle the management and order process. A timely and organized order fulfillment is a surefire strategy to satisfy clients and preserve confidence.


Despite your best efforts, handling and shipping mistakes might occasionally occur. To limit delays, loss, and other shipping issues to a bare minimum, you need a virtual assistant to track shipping.

Graphic Design

Images from websites and infographics draw interest and make a strong point about a company or product. Work with a graphic designer who has the ability to deliver messages and present your items in an appealing and thoughtful way. Don't forget to read how to sell NFTs on Shopify as well.

Content Management

Content managers can help you improve your online presence since they are innovative, analytical leaders. For your Shopify website, you must hire one. They might be in charge of the managing website content, scheduling blog entries, and producing a content calendar.

Keyword Research

Proper keyword research may achieve all of these goals and more. It can help one identify a lucrative niche, rank their products and websites, and increase organic traffic.

Work with a VA who is proficient in keyword research and the use of tools like KWFinder, Word Tracker, and Google Keyword Planner. A keyword list might be created by your VA for your content writer to optimize.

Content Writing

Every online business needs content writers, and Shopify is no different. They can fill up any field on your Shopify website, starting with the homepage page and ending with the About Us page. In order to help buyers comprehend and appreciate your items, they should also develop product descriptions.

Content writers are crucial to the operation of a Shopify firm because of their aptitude for creating compelling copy that is packed with keywords.

Social Media Management

Integrate Instagram, Facebook, and even WhatsApp into your Shopify account. You can anticipate requests, orders, and communications coming from these sources with social media integration.

Let your Shopify virtual assistant do everything. Your virtual assistant (VA) can assist you in converting your social media followers into customers.

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media is very targeted. Managing social media ads and bringing them to your Shopify business, however, requires expertise. Hire a virtual assistant (VA) to handle your Shopify business's social media marketing.


Your content is written; the graphics are done. Now is the moment to give them a high Google ranking.

So that your Shopify website appears top in search results, work with an Shopify SEO expert. They are experts in search engine optimization, thus they are aware of the best procedures to use in order to rank your Shopify store name highly on Google and other search engines.

Link Building

SEO and link building go hand in hand. Link building necessitates a professional because it is a highly technical area of digital marketing. Find a VA who can handle these responsibilities to increase organic traffic to your Shopify site.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Although CRO is a difficult procedure, when done correctly, it may boost sales and provide quality Shopify traffic. You cannot afford to compromise on this from a business standpoint. To convert site visitors into buyers and buyers into brand evangelists, hire a CRO specialist.

Email Marketing

A useful tool for Shopify, email marketing has been around for a while.

With the assistance of a VA, you can create and manage an email list and send messages that are delivered directly to subscribers' inboxes. Here are some other methods for email brand promotion.

Refund Management

Customers may request a refund for many reasons. Customers who do this are frequently irritated and unhappy. To prevent these issues from becoming more serious and to maintain high customer service standards, you must process refunds methodically.

Create the refund procedures and policies for your website, but give your VA responsibility for managing refunds. Customers should be made aware of the conditions and turnaround time for refund requests, according to VAs.

In addition

When you delegate these chores to a virtual assistant, you can operate a successful business through Shopify and promote ongoing growth. Don't forget that we can help you with Shopify outstaffing.


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