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AR & 3D in eCommerce

Using Augmented and Virtual reality technologies in your online store enables you to boost the engagement rate of your users, increase the conversion rates, and make the average order value much higher


AR, or Augmented Reality, is a set of technologies that enables to enhance of the real world by supplementing it with virtual objects. AR can boost your shopping experience & customer engagement. Try it yourself!

AR for Clothing

Seeing a piece of clothes as a 3D models, customers will feel like they can try it on themselves. This will ultimately increase their engagement.

AR for Jewelry

The beauty of jewelry pieces lies in detail — that’s why it’s so important to be able to see them from all the possible angles.

AR for Accessories

Your customers will want to buy the accessories you sell more frequently if they are able to see how the products look in real life.

Implementing AR into your online business will help satisfy your customers and make them want to buy your products. Your website’s visitors will be able to see how a piece looks like in real life and even imagine trying it on themselves.

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Attract new buyers by allowing them to visualize the product you’re selling. Visitors of your website will feel like they’re visiting a brick-and-mortar store, which will increase your revenue.


Since most people perceive information visually, video is the best and the shortest way to their hearts and mind. Showing customers your product will make them stay on your store page longer and will increase the conversion rate.


Augmented reality provides room for creativity and approaching your customers in a brand-new way. Describe your product with the help of visuals, and you’ll see how the buyers’ confidence increases day by day.

Augmented Reality already helps the biggest brands of your industry enhance their conversion rates and get more customers - why not try out this trend for yourself and see how it will positively affect your business?

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Learn how to implement AR to your website

Research & Design

Before you can augment reality, you need digital content to supplement it, and a means to relate the content to the user context. Research your market & user, then design the unique experience that will change the game.

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3D Models & Development

First, Create 3D models of products. Second part is to Develop integrate AR widget or custom solution for your ecommerce. If you are on Shopify, you can use both Shopify AR extension ot several AR plugins for Shopify.

Run Tests in Dev Environment

Try out our testing tools & frameworks to test your models and see which will serve your website better. With us, making the right decision is pleasant and simple.

AR and 3D
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Deploy AR in Production

The deploying phase is probably the most exciting one - it enables you to explore the opportunities and see how your ideas are brought to life.

Shopify Apps for AR & 3D

AR & 3D plugin
on Shopify

Shopify AR is augmented reality and product customization plugin that uses 3D models to bring products to life on your customers' mobile devices. The Shopify Product Customizer allows shoppers to explore 3D Shopify models of your products for an immersive shopping experience and a better understanding of the product. Because the AR widget on Shopify is built into the website, shoppers can visit any Shopify merchant's website and interact with their products in real-time using 3D models.

What is important: this app is Free of charge!

ARitize 3D

An app that allows you and your network to see 2D objects as 3D using the best-augmented reality technology.


A Shopify App AR that empowers customers to visualize new products in their surroundings or bodies using augmented reality.

Angle 3D Configurator – 3D & AR

The 3D plugin Shopify allows creating and displaying a 3D product customization experience for your customers. It enables them to customize your products in 3D with photorealistic details.

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