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Shopify store for knitwear brand


2MYMOODS is a knitwear brand that focuses on sustainability and eco-friendliness concepts. The company creates clothing pieces that correspond to the aesthetics of the modern era and are especially loved by Generation Z. 2MYMOODS takes a step further from simply producing clothes and creates fashionable yet timeless pieces that can be worn and enjoyed for years.

Client request:

2MYMOODS contacted our team because it needed to build an eCommerce business based on Shopify from scratch. We had a lot of work to do, and we were excited to see how the project would unfold and what new ideas would come to us in the process of creating the store.

We set a few goals that needed to be accomplished before our work on the project would be marked as finished. Firstly, we needed to create the website’s design, as it had to reflect the brand’s concept and look good with the clothing pieces produced by the company and seen in the catalog. Then, our team needed to create the website, integrating technical features that would make running the business much more convenient. To make the vital business processes faster, our specialists set up some automated features.


As the brand aims at working in two markets of different countries, we created two Shopify stores instead of just one. Working on each of the website included creating a design, developing the technological features of the store, and successfully implementing them to enhance the business processes, making maintenance of the website and the eCommerce project itself much more convenient.

Our team set up localization features so that all the customers would feel acknowledged when opening the online store and deciding to buy something. We also created a system that syncronized the inventory in both stores and connected it to the ERP system used by the brand.


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