Strategy for Web3 launch

Community Design & Management

Shopify and Solana Integration

NFT Launch both in Web3 (Solana Blockchain) and Web2 (Shopify)



Richard NFT

ECORN Agency spearheaded the Web3 launch strategy and execution for renowned English tea company Richard, an international FMCG brand. Leveraging their expertise in community building and emerging technology integration, ECORN crafted a comprehensive plan to expand Richard's digital presence into Web3.

After designing and managing Richard's Web3 community, ECORN integrated their Shopify ecommerce storefront with the Solana blockchain to enable simultaneous NFT launches across Web2 and Web3 environments. This showcased Richard's adoption of next-gen technology while keeping their products accessible to wider audiences.

Through thoughtful strategy and innovative platform execution, ECORN successfully handled Richard's transition into Web3. The NFT launch on Solana and Shopify introduced the storied tea brand to new communities of digital native consumers, unlocking fresh commercial opportunities in the rapidly evolving blockchain space.

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