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Fashion marketplace with AI on Shopify

Web Applications & Shopify App for fashiontech startup


Spells is the first and unique fashion marketplace that provides customers with an AI-powered experience. It’s an innovative way of online shopping built for the most progressive shoppers, especially for Generation Z. Integrating modern technologies into the business processes and customer experience, the brand can reach a much bigger audience, take a step further into the world of the future, and develop new concepts that were previously unknown.

Client request:

Spells Team needed an eCommerce platform that would have a contemporary front-end and a highly functional administrative dashboard. Spells also had a request to deeply integrate AI and ML algorithms into shopping experience of the customers.

To enhance the experience of the website visitors, we needed to find ways to bring state-of-the-art features to life on the platform. As these systems needed to be supported and controlled, we had to set up ways to conveniently administrate the store from one place.


ECORN designed and developed a high-end marketplace on Shopify that is not like anything else you’ve seen before. We greatly enhanced Customer Experience and implemented state-of-the-art apps and plugins:

  • Virtual Try-On with and ML algorithm
  • AI-powered stylist that provides smart recommendations

Since the target audience of the brand is Gen Z — people who seek bright colors and uncommon experience, our team designed a very dynamic and vivid design for the online store.

Apart from providing customers with a great experience, we also enhanced the internal business processes with the help of integrating technical features and a convenient administrative dashboard.


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