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Kanimoto is much more than just a clothing brand. Founded in 2017, the company enables people to express themselves via the means of clothes and accessories. Kanimoto will not provide you with regular products. It only drops capsule collections that will blow your mind.

Client request:

Developing a technologically advanced store is not enough for a brand with a strong concept and DNA. As Kanimoto is such a company, we needed to implement the brand’s aesthetics and ideas into the website. Kanimoto’s fashion pieces are not like what you’re used to seeing in the industry. They are minimalistic yet effective, hitting the target audience of the brand — young people who are bored of vivid colors and too much details.

Our designers needed to create a simplistic design for the store’s website, so that it would look good with the company’s produce and attract the brand’s customers. The client’s request was to create an online shop that would reflect the company’s values.


Investigating the brand, its produce, and target audience, we concluded that the most appropriate design would be one with no excess of details. We created a custom website that looked minimalistic and was done in the colors that the brand used most often in its clothing collections.

To help the brand enter the global market and sell the clothes all around the globe, our team set up a multilanguage configuration. Now, the company’s customers can access the website and buy what they like no matter where they’re from.


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