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Management & Development for luxury jewelry retailer


Meierotto Jewelry has been the leading jewelry store in Kansas City for over 40 years. With such a long and fertile history, the brand knows how to reach its target audience and what to show to them in order to have their attention. Currently, Mjewelry is one of the most popular distributors of the produce created by luxury brands — for instance, Rolex and Tudor.

Client request:

Mjewelry team contacted us with with a request of Shopify store maintenance on a monthly basis. The key requests were following guides from the company’s suppliers (Rolex, Tudor) and optimizing internal procesess by integrating vital inventory processes, a catalog, and an ERP system.

We needed to conduct a meticulous research that would show us what needed to be done in order to improve the business and promote it further. Apart from that, we needed to act in correspondence with the rules set by Mjewelry partners.


Mjewelry has become one of our happy customers. We helped them to conduct several major updates of the Shopify store, migrate to a new OS 2.0 Shopify theme, and update internal back-end flows. Our team also built a roadmap for the project to implement innovative Customer Experience activities and applications. Many new things are coming, since there is always room for improvement and innovation. Stay tuned not to miss out on anything interesting!


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