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Reddit is a social media platform that consists of thousands of individual communities, or subreddits, focused on specific topics. It can be a good opportunity for NFT promotion because there are many subreddits dedicated to art, collectibles, and other topics that may be relevant to NFTs.

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Previously we discovered that selling NFTs on Shopify can be a lucrative opportunity for artists, collectors, and other individuals who have unique digital items to sell. It can also be a way for businesses to diversify their product offerings and tap into the growing market for NFTs.

Reddit’s NFT community is second after Discord’s in terms of size but it has much more promotion options than Twitter. You will discover here:

1. How to advertise your own NFT game and get free visitors from Reddit.

2. Why comment karma is used in all marketing.

3. What subreddits to choose to attract targeted traffic.

4. Is it worthwhile to spend money on Reddit advertising?

Sharing some effective methods for promoting NFT games on Reddit as well as getting both community recognition and targeted traffic.

Getting initial traffic: free promotion for an NFT game on Reddit

Before beginning an advertising campaign, it is worthwhile to promote your account and build your initial audience. On Reddit, there are only two ways to promote your content for free: by commenting in communities and by publishing your posts. Let's examine the specifics.

Engaging the crowd marketing — writing comments

An account with several posts and hundreds of comments appears to be more natural. You run the risk of having your account blocked by Reddit administrators if you immediately begin posting promotional content. Your Reddit promotion should begin with crowdsourcing as your initial move.

Promotion patterns

1. Via popular subreddits.

Join big subscriber communities and leave topical comments beneath other members' posts. Amass likes (upvotes) to earn karma for your accounts. You can start warming the audience with some advertising comments after a little account promotion.

2. Via less popular subreddits.

Visit themed blogs with few subscribers and spread the word about your account in the comments. The algorithm is the same, but there is less rivalry. It is ideal if you create 5-7 accounts and continue farming the karma simultaneously from all of them to maximize your efficiency in terms of increasing your Reddit karma. It will quicken the promotion process and spread out the risks; for instance, there will still be marketing channels available if one account is blocked.

Investing in content marketing - sharing the posts

The most common post-genre on Reddit is storytelling, which involves transforming marketing material into a narrative of some sort. Additionally, Reddit users want content that is personalized and has personal experience. Business cases, notes, helpful instructions, collections, or infographics are a few examples. Such content is appropriate for promotion. The subreddits picked for promotion directly impact the efficacy of content marketing. Here are some influential groups for NFT game promotion:









When publishing your posts DO NOT:


• beg for an upvote 

• spam comments

• repost other users

All of those behaviors are viewed as undesirable and negatively affect your karma. Creating content that Redditors find useful is the only method to drive traffic from Reddit to your website or social networks. Because of this, it's crucial to appreciate your audience and make an investment in the caliber of postings.

Running ads or how to promote yourself on Reddit for money

Only accounts with a good level of karma are worthwhile for investing in advertising (starting from 1 000 points, that have been earned through the crowd- and content marketing). Users of Reddit put more faith in knowledgeable and trustworthy accounts. Ads will have a greater impact if done this. We'll now go through how to spread the word about the company using banner advertisements and posts sharing on Reddit. To run ads on Reddit, you must have an advertising account. Your bank card information will also be required while enrolling.

Setting up banner advertising — Link Post

The setup for a Reddit advertising account is rather simple, and the ad campaigns start running in 10–20 minutes. During setup, you must choose the campaign type and the targeting options, and then you must send the creatives for moderation. The platform provides 5 different campaign kinds. Traffic, brand awareness and reach, conversions, views of videos, and downloads of applications. The Brand Awareness and Reach campaigns are useful for warming up the audience and growing brand presence on the platform, while the Traffic campaign is the finest choice for advertising the NFT game. Selecting the Conversions campaign will greatly increase the number of affiliate platforms willing to work together via pay-per-lead.

Sharing own posts — Text Post

Traffic conversion is the only distinction between Reddit post promotions and banner ads. In this instance, users who arrived via the advertisement land on the Redditor's post rather than a third-party website. Targeting options resemble banner advertisements. However, placement is swapped between different auctions. CPM, CPC, and CPV models of payment are all accessible. Promotion of posts is the best choice for enhancing a brand's reputation within Reddit groups. Additionally, it is effective at expanding the reach and settling the audience. Technically, because it is simpler to go past ad moderation there, it is easier to share posts within the platform than to attract traffic to your website.


Reddit is an optimal option for marketing promotion of NFT games. In addition, it generates higher profits than Twitter or Facebook promotion. The platform's policy permits conditional free promotion that is only concerned with content and crowdsourcing. That will be sufficient to achieve reach and a negligible portion of goal traffic.For a significant boost in audience or traffic conversion to the website, ongoing work on content marketing or banner ad campaigns with a budget of $10,000 or more is necessary. A single advertising campaign won't significantly impact your NFT game's promotion. Without increasing your account's karma and working directly with your audience, it will be all but useless.

If you are not sure yet about NFT game check our short guides on Web2 transition to Web3 and NFTs on Shopify.


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