Free platform for Shopify Apps launch

Free platform for Shopify Apps launch

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In ECORN we are building projects for clients and also making projects & startups for ourselves and the community. Recently we were making MVP of a new project. We are happy to announce the launch of a new platform for Shopify Apps!


AppLyst is a free platform to discover and launch new Shopify Apps. Anyone can submit a Shopify App, and we will post it for free! It has the same concept as Product Hunt but especially for Shopify Apps.

Benefits of using AppLyst

  • It's a free promotion platform for Shopify App
  • Free feedback, users, and beta testers
  • Free SEO for Shopify App. Forever!
  • While there are
  • More features and coming soon

How did we start building AppLyst

We searched for promotion tips and channels for a new Shopify App that we plan to launch. We ended up with not that much. It's nearly impossible to reach your potential audience in FB/Slack/Reddit while paid ads are not efficient at all. So, we decided to launch a free launch directory of new Shopify Apps ourselves!

What's next?

We are at the MVP stage and want to analyze the traffic and needs of users. If AppLyst will pass 300 users session per month we will continue developing this project.

Anyway, the service will remain Free for Shopify Apps promotion and we will develop it to build a center of Shopify App community.

ProductHunt launch soon 🚀

New features soon 🚀🚀

Looking forward to hearing your feedback and seeing new apps submitted  ✌️

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