Best Wholesale Shopify Apps

Explore the best Shopify wholesale apps to simplify your B2B sales process. Discover features, pricing, and reviews of top apps like Wholesale Bear, Wholesale Club, and more. Manage your wholesale and retail customers efficiently with eCorn Agency's expert guide.

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Things might get tricky if you have to offer wholesale prices to specific consumers who purchase in bulk from your Shopify site. Some business owners even opened a second location to handle wholesale sales independently of retail orders. Customers occasionally need to contact you by phone or email to inquire about special pricing, using up time that you don't have.

So what if you could manage wholesale consumers differently from your current store and these obstacles were removed? That is feasible with the right Shopify wholesale software. In truth, there are several choices available to considerably simplify life for business owners.

The top six wholesale apps at the moment are listed below:

Wholesale Bear – Bulk Discount

A sizable selection of apps from the Conversion Bear team, including this wholesale app for Shopify, aid in all phases of the product pricing, marketing, ordering, and shipping operations.

Price: $34.99/month

Free Trial? Yes – 14-day free trial

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.6 (50 reviews)

The positives:

  • Multiple wholesale specials on your products and collections are available.
  • includes bespoke shipping costs, tax exemptions, net terms orders, and time-based transactions.
  • Add a specific wholesale catalog to your site so buyers can manage their quantity and add items to their baskets more quickly.
  • Avoid duplicating or altering your current product catalog.
  • You can use uncomplicated, one-click discounts.

Any negatives?

  • Cannot apply discounts to several items in the final cart — only by the number of items on a single product or discount on a total cart value
  • Lack of text customization features
  • No free plan is available

Wholesale Club

By promoting bulk purchasing for discounts and making it simple for larger orders to be placed, Wholesale Club by the Orbit team can assist you in raising the average order value on your Shopify store.

This popular and highly rated Wholesale app for Shopify has received many excellent reviews from users, in part due to the app's responsive development team.

Price: Free development plan (with all features) available for Shopify partners and development stores. The basic plan at $29/month. Professional plan at $59/month. $89/month for the Premium plan.

Free Trial? Yes – 30-day free trial

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.7 (556 reviews)

The positives:

  • Offer wholesale discounts on selected collections and products for selected customers
  • Provides multiple pricing levels and customizable order minimums
  • Quick order form to place large orders easily (included with all plans)
  • Uses customer tag system to apply discounts only to signed-in customers
  • Create a tiered pricing system for gold members, VIPs, wholesale customers, etc.

Any negatives?

  • More expensive than other Shopify wholesale apps reviewed here
  • A few historical glitches and problems with theme integration were reported — but less so recently

Wholesale Pricing Discount

Wholesale Pricing Discount can save you a lot of trouble if you need to offer a tier system of pricing for goods (the more people buy, the better price they get).

Price: From $19.99/month for a Basic plan. Professional plan $34.99/month (more advanced features). Enterprise plan $44.99/month

Free Trial? Yes – 21-day free trial

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.9 (374 reviews)

The positives:

  • Apply special pricing to various "groups" of customers, such as VIPs and Gold members.
  • Customers from B2C and B2B can view wholesale rates, bulk discounts, and net terms on your Shopify site.
  • Apply discounts to particular items, series, or your entire store.
  • % off or a particular price reduction
  • There is no cap on how many discounts you can offer.

Any negatives?

  • Customer support is not available on weekends
  • A few other minor gripes about support
  • No free plan is available

Wholesale Pricing Now

The Website-On-Demand team created this Shopify wholesale software, which was released in 2017 and is one of the most well-known of its sort.

It has continued to execute at a very high level over that time, as shown by the outstanding star rating it has acquired from Shopify merchants.

Price: Free plan available (with one discount group). Shopify is based on your Shopify subscription: Basic plan at $14.95/month, Shopify Standard at $24.95/month, and Shopify Advanced Plan at $39.95/month (all plans with unlimited discount groups and extra features).

Free Trial? Yes – 14-day free trial

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.7 (193 reviews)

The positives:

  • Offer volume discounts, VIP pricing, tiered pricing, bespoke pricing, wholesale pricing, friends & family pricing, and VIP pricing to wholesale customers.
  • With the wholesale discount and the customer tag it should be applied to, create a group for the wholesale discount.
  • Directly establish per-variant wholesale rates for consumers
  • Directly integrated tier pricing tables on the product pages
  • display upselling opportunities for wholesale buyers.

Any negatives?

  • No support at weekends
  • Some misunderstandings with support — but most gripes are suitably addressed and handled

Wholesale All in One

Another tool to help you generate tiered discounts for particular categories of products and consumers in your Shopify store was released in 2019: the DigitalCoo wholesale app.

It offers one of the most comprehensive feature sets of all the Shopify wholesale apps and even comes with extras like countdown timers.

Price: $24.99/month for the Basic plan. $29/month for the Professional plan. $39/month for the Business plan

Free Trial? Yes – 14-day free trial

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.8 (111 reviews)

The positives:

  • Create multiple wholesale pricing for variants, products, collections or store-wide
  • Uses tag-based customer pricing to show pricing to select groups (or show to all)
  • Offer discount in percentage or the specific price
  • Set special shipping rates and apply minimum order limits (from the Professional plan upwards)
  • Provides checkout without coupon code and with coupon code

Any negatives?

  • No free version offered
  • Infrequent complaints about bugs and slow support

Wholesale Gorilla

We previously had a large bear, and now we have a gorilla. Why do we require enormous wild beasts to represent the apps because of something about wholesale life on Shopify?

Without being ironic, Wholesale Gorilla was created in 2018 by wholesalers who have experience with the difficulties of selling in large quantities.

Price: $39.95/month for the Standard plan. $149.95/month for the Professional plan (with more advanced features).

Free Trial? Yes – 30-day free trial

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.7 (165 reviews)

The positives:

  • enables simple management of all wholesale clients
  • uses client tags to give customers discounts on products
  • automatically creates tags (or you may do it manually)
  • helps with fulfillment, ordering, and inventory
  • For your entire business, particular collections, products, or variants, establish wholesale prices

Any negatives?

  • No free version
  • A more expensive entry point than other wholesale Shopify apps reviewed here
  • A few historical customer complaints about support (most have reasonable explanations) and specific features (many of which have since been added)

Manage wholesale and retail customers from one smart Shopify store

You already know how difficult it may be to manage both wholesale and retail clients from the same storefront. eCommerce complexity is rarely a good thing. Less is more. All of the aforementioned tools can assist you in managing wholesale clients from a single resourceful Shopify store.


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