Personalization Apps and Techniques for Shopify stores

Personalization Apps and Techniques for Shopify stores

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Personalization Apps and Techniques for Shopify stores

Updated: May 19

Today, it is hard to overstate the role and effect of personalized marketing. Forbes 50 statistics speak volumes about the huge potential of this marketing strategy. It has made about 92% of customers want to add more items to their shopping carts. The Instapage statistics are just as telling: non-personalized pages have discouraged about 74% of potential customers from buying a good thing.

Selling on Shopify is not an exclusion. Personalization helps retailers cater to customers’ requirements and boost sales. New apps and technologies prompt Shopify ecommerce businesses to develop and use more advanced personalization & engagement techniques.


Personalization can turn shopping into a kind of exciting game. It makes customers want to place larger orders and stay with you for a lifetime. You can enhance your investment potential and clientele. Meanwhile, the new tools will help you reduce advertising costs because personalized advertising allows you to target customers’ specific needs. Thus you can enhance customer experience and therefore customer satisfaction.

Shopify has created an inviting and convenient environment for third-party apps and marketing tools. It is calibrated to integrate a variety of apps and provides ample ground for companies to thrive on.

However, there are dozens of Apps, you won’t just have enough time to try them all so we prepared our featured Apps for personalization.


We have collected 5 featured Personalization Apps for Shopify that could be easily implemented and improve KPIs in Shopify online store.

EasyTry Virtual Try-On App

Virtual Try-On is a technology, which enables customers to try on a piece of clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc., without physically doing so. All they need is to pick a product and upload one their photo.

EasyTry is a Shopify-native extension with simple integration. After installing and choosing garments with virtual try-on, your customers can upload images to your page and see how well an item looks on them. EasyTry Showcase demo is available on YouTube.

EasyTry virtual fitting try-on allows your customers to virtually try-on items, style outfits and purchase with confidence. It boosts ecommerce conversions, customer engagement and reduces return rates. Everything is working in cloud so you don’t overload your website and don’t need even developers to integrate it.

There are more Personalization Apps and Techniques in our full article on Medium: Clicke here


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