How To Start a Swimwear Brand (+ 🎁 Suppliers)

Learn how to launch a swimwear brand in 6 easy steps. From defining your content strategy to finding suppliers and customizing your products, this guide will help swimwear niche brands get ready for next summer.

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Activity-based companies have almost enough time to launch a distinctive swimwear line or increase the selection of products they currently provide for the summer.

To assist swimwear niche brands in sourcing and getting ready to launch their swimwear products for this summer, we've put up this important guide, or product playbook.

Start a Swimwear Brand in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Defining Your Content Strategy

It's crucial to turn my audience from a passive social media user base into a loyal customer base.

This entails getting your fans' phone numbers or email addresses. Having a call-to-action (CTA) for free courses, webinars, cheat sheets, meal plans, style guides, or anything else you have prepared to share and urge people to download is the easiest method to accomplish this.

Step 2: Finding Your Products

We recommend you use Pietra Studios.

You can browse suppliers directly in the Pietra Creator Hub or navigate through the various categories if you're new to product manufacturing and need to locate a factory.

There is swimwear for you to see, along with a list of suppliers that you can browse and particular products that you can click on.

Step 3: Customizing Your Product

When it comes to creating a product such as this, you have two choices:

  • something entirely custom
  • or you are working off an existing design.

You most likely won't have the time to rework anything completely custom if you want to launch by this summer. Thus, the question is how to alter and distinguish an already-existing design.

Extremely low starting prices for suppliers are $10.50 per unit with a minimum order quantity of 20 units. However, Pietra Studios' ability to create bespoke labels, source fabrics, print logos, and more is one of the key reasons I appreciate them.

Ask the manufacturer you've found to provide you with any catalogs or information they may have. They'll probably have large sheets that you may look at and get inspiration from, featuring a variety of styles.

Step 4: Expanding the conversation

We always prefer to visit multiple factories. Think about checking out Lefty Production Co. if you're having some chats. They've collaborated with brands including Urban Outfitters and Gucci.

Step 5: Document the Process

Here, you should decide how you want to alter the style, obtain examples, and consult with your preferred supplier again. To ensure that you have meaningful content for your launch, record every step of the design, sampling, and production process of your product.

Step 6: Brand launch platform

Shopify is an extensive platform for online shopping that enables you to launch, expand, and run a company. Shopify allows retailers to create and personalize an online store that they can sell from anywhere, via social media to online marketplaces, and on the web, mobile, in-person, brick-and-mortar stores, and pop-up shops.

Based on a text by Oren Schauble


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