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NFTs are a new technology, and their full impact and implications are still being explored. Although NFTs have numerous other applications, they are currently most frequently employed to demonstrate ownership over digital copies of media, such as digital artwork.

"Minting" is the process of creating an NFT. When an NFT is created, it is given ownership and added to a blockchain, a type of online ledger. Ethereum, Polygon, Near, and Flow are the four most often used blockchains for NFT minting. Any NFTs you create or acquire are managed through a cryptocurrency wallet.

Crypto wallets are online storage spaces that facilitate the exchange of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether. To mint or buy an NFT, you need a crypto wallet.

NFTs and tokengated commerce can play a crucial role in your blockchain strategy, especially when it comes to fostering a sense of community, retaining customers, and increasing sales. We advise you to use the next blockchain apps to sell NFT in your Shopify store:

NFT minting apps


You can create an NFT marketplace on your Shopify store with BCware to reach communities specializing in art, sports memorabilia, music, credentialing, and more.


The app allows you to Sell NFTs on Your Store Without dealing with any of the tech/crypto jargon. This is kinda like a Dropshipping or Print on Demand App, but for NFTs. You take orders and collect payments. App fulfills the NFT orders of your customers. 


With this app, you can mint and list NFTs and sell them through your Shopify store. You can enhance loyalty and create enduring connections with your customers by managing your NFTs like regular items.


GigLabs NFT is an easy-to-use tool that enables Shopify Plus merchants to list and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through their Shopify storefront with no blockchain or developer experience needed.


Mint was founded in 2020 as a platform to integrate digital art galleries onto the blockchain. Today, with the help of our smart, frictionless technology, committed project support, and creatively agnostic solutions, Mint enables companies all over the world to launch and develop their Web3 journey.


This app allows you to upload NFTs while keeping track of their status on a user-friendly dashboard. When you're prepared to list them as products on your Shopify store, save them as a draft or publish them. Sell NFTs on your storefront with ease and monitor the transaction history in a convenient dashboard. Only when your consumers go to claim them will the NFTs be issued.


This app allows you to launch your NFT project, onboard customers, and give perks to holders without writing a line of code. Create your artwork, define rarity, and decide on your royalty rate with the Novel Generator. Based on the criteria you specify, Novel builds your collection and manages the construction of smart contracts in the background.


To disrupt the loyalty points system, PERCS Mint is developing a percs marketplace for NFT holders and businesses. Its blockchain-enabled SaaS solutions entice users who are not crypto natives to easily integrate into and activate NFT-based experiences.

Single - Music, Video, & NFTs

Single Music was established with the one purpose of raising an artist's visibility and income through a feasible direct-to-fan strategy. With the help of its robust suite of tools for NFT releases, digital music sales, live streams, video rentals, chart reporting, fan insights, and more, thousands of artists are using their Shopify stores to increase their revenue and build meaningful relationships with their fans.


Venly is a blockchain technology supplier that develops tools and goods to assist businesses in utilizing blockchain technology. The overall goal is to create products that are user-friendly for both developers and end users. Simplicity, excellent user experience, and top-notch security are at the heart of everything.


The purpose of this platform is to communicate with collectors, mint NFTs, sell more artwork, and provide certified authenticity.

Vivid Labs

The developer of VIVID, the next-generation NFT publishing platform that enables anybody to produce, manage, and sell multimedia NFTs, Vivid Labs is a full-service provider of NFT technology and strategy. As part of a deal with its issuer, the VideoCoin Development Association Ltd., VIVID, which is powered by the VID token, enables new use cases and business models that transform NFTs into revolutionary media experiences.

NFT airdropping apps

Taco: NFT Loyalty Automation

To reward your consumers with branded tokens and NFTs, use a full-featured end-to-end NFT automation platform. With Shopify integration, you can easily design the NFT utility and launch it without knowing any programming. Simply sign up with Taco, and you can launch an NFT-based loyalty reward program in three easy steps.

In addition

NFTs are transforming every business in distinctive ways and giving sellers a variety of new opportunities to profit in a much safer and more secure way. Fractional ownership options make expensive goods like fine art accessible to consumers who cannot afford to purchase the entire piece, which can significantly enhance sellers' profit margins and speed up sales.

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