eCommerce traffic channels and sources 2023

Learn tested channels and sources for Boosting Traffic to Your Online Store in 2023

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Increasing traffic to your online store is essential for expanding your business or startups, whether you're looking to attract your first or 1,000th consumer. A rise in online traffic could indicate more clients and purchases if your site is appropriately designed for conversions.

We've compiled a list of attempted, very effective strategies for increasing traffic to your online store.

Run paid social media ad campaigns

You must be able to put your company in front of your ideal clients if you want to improve website traffic. You may design highly targeted campaigns that provide unique advertisements to the customers most likely to click through and buy your products using paid social media marketing.

Here are some platforms to think about if you're considering running sponsored social media advertisements:

Facebook ads

Facebook is the largest social media network in the world as of the first quarter of 2020, with 2.6 billion monthly active users. You have a ton of chances on Facebook to find new consumers and attract them to your online store. You can target people using its feature-rich advertising platform by their interests, actions, location, and more. By maximizing the distribution of your ads and putting your message in front of those who are most likely to convert, Facebook can also be a tool that helps you save time and money.

Instagram ads

With more than one billion active users globally and 90% of accounts following a company, Instagram is a hugely popular platform. If you currently have a sizable following on Instagram, you aren't truly leveraging it to its best potential until you've tried its advertising platform. Instagram ads are most likely to increase website traffic and sales.

Ensure that you've created an Instagram Business account or transformed your account into a business account. As a result, you'll have even more opportunities to engage your audience through Instagram ads. You can start making advertisements in the content type that is most convenient for you thanks to the platform's flexibility to produce ads such as photographs, videos, carousels, collections, and stories.

Pinterest ads

When users use the platform to think about upcoming activities and purchases, Pinterest is the best area to connect with your potential consumers. Pinterest is perfect for companies looking to break into these areas because it is so well-liked among niche markets like DIY crafts, home decorating, and remodeling. Promoted Pins, a type of sponsored promotion available on Pinterest that places your Pins at the top of your customer's search results, can help you stand out from the competition.

Google Ads

Unlike social media advertising platforms, Google Ads offer a unique opportunity to advertise your products and services directly to individuals actively searching for them. Search advertisements (SERPS), Google Display Network (PPC), and YouTube ads are the three methods offered by Google for getting your ad in front of online browsers. The amount you bid on your chosen keywords will affect where you rank concerning other bidders and how relevant your ad is to the search term. Google advertisements work on an auction system. And you are aware of the potency of some of the insights Google can offer if you have ever used Google Analytics.

TikTok Ads

TikTok isn't only a platform for stupid videos and memes, unlike what many people think. It is still a very effective platform for advertisers in almost every demographic. Also, Q1 2022 saw the highest global TikTok spend of any app or game's history. Consumer spending on the app exceeded $840 million globally, up 40% from Q4 2021. Although using the platform to produce high-quality content does involve some investment, it may be a terrific tool in your marketing toolbox.

Engage in conversation on social media

Social media involvement goes beyond merely posting a link to your online business on Facebook, Twitter, etc. in the hopes that it would enhance website traffic. Social engagement entails starting up dialogues with the appropriate people, replying with consideration, and igniting enthusiasm.

Get friends and family to share

Turning to friends and family for assistance when starting a business is a terrific way to increase initial visibility, traffic, or even your first transaction. Individuals don't begin businesses too frequently, so it'll probably be pretty novel within your circle of friends and family to see you start your web store. Ideally, they'll be open to hearing about your brand-new company venture. Make targeted contact with your friends and family. You won't cause anyone to become irritated by it. On Facebook, mention your store in an update. Are there ways to communicate with your extended family? Do they use an email list to organize reunions? Inform them of your new store in a letter.

Proactively engage on Twitter

You can interact with individuals on Twitter before you start selling items. There are numerous strategies to get known as a hip new store. To find keywords relevant to your company in other users' tweets or bios, use Twitter Advanced Search or a service like Followerwonk. Once you've identified an audience, search for opportunities to engage them in conversation by providing value without making a pitch. Engage in conversation with those mentioning your brand. Twitter is a fantastic platform for actively engaging with your community and responding to questions.

Post your store to Reddit

People share news and material on Reddit, a community of forums and subforums, and leave comments there. It contains thousands of subreddits, or niches, in addition to its main page, which compiles the most popular content on the platform. Nearly any topic has a subreddit, such as /r/bicycling, /r/scifi, or /r/corgi. Reddit offers an intriguing potential to increase brand recognition and drive customers to your store's website. It's a place where passionate people gather to discuss their favorite subjects in-depth and exchange guidance, best practices, and personal anecdotes.

Attract customers with content marketing

The goal of content marketing is to organically draw customers to your online business by producing interesting, educational, and engaging material. There are several options for your organization to enter the realm of content and drive visitors, from videos and podcasts to manuals and ebooks.

Write blogs to provide information or solve problems

409 million individuals see more than 20 billion blog pages each month, according to WordPress, the most popular blogging platform in the world. WordPress users create roughly 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments within the same time. There are plenty of opportunities to reach an audience, but if you want to use blogging to attract relevant customers and drive traffic back to your store, you'll need to be strategic about your targeting.

Use video to educate or entertain

Although there are several ways to host videos, YouTube is the most widely used and the most effective medium for driving traffic. Moreover, it ranks as the second-largest search engine globally. Impressive stats and a potential audience are within your grasp. According to YouTube's statistics, it has over two billion users (nearly one-third of all internet users), and more than 70% of YouTube views come from mobile devices, which alone reach more 18- to 34-year-olds than any American TV network.

Use SEO to increase your store’s discoverability

The process of optimizing your website for search engines in eCommerce, also known as SEO, increases the likelihood that it will appear higher in search results for pertinent keywords.

Write titles that match the search intent

The meta title is the line search engines show on their results page for search queries. A screenshot of Google's search engine results page illustrating what a meta title isYour page's appearance on a search engine results page is affected by both meta titles and meta descriptions. They play a crucial role in generating page clicks. The lifeblood of organic traffic is clickthroughs from search traffic. They're one of the important criteria Google employs to prioritize the order of results.

Add internal links to and from important pages

Acquiring external links is an important and well-known approach for enhancing SEO, but internal links also play a vital part in helping pages rank in search engines. This is due to the Google metric known as PageRank, a system that can gauge a page's significance and value based on the number and caliber of other pages that link to it. Linking from domain sites with a high PageRank can convey authority and improve the ranking of the target page. As an alternative, you can send that PageRank back to your priority pages by connecting from your website's lower-priority pages to its high-priority pages.

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