Chatbots for eCommerce: Use Cases

AI chatbots for eCommerce websites provide personalized and interactive experiences to enhance the purchasing process. Learn about the advantages of using AI chatbots in eCommerce with examples of successful applications from Foliekniven and DoucheBags.

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Benefits of Using AI Bots for eCommerce Websites

When we discuss AI bot solutions for eCommerce  websites, we mean those that make use of AI technology to enable frictionless contact between a company and its customers via a chatbot or voice interface. Chatbot interaction can personalize and interactively enhance the purchasing experience. A conversational AI bot can also expedite the procedure by handling checkouts on the user's behalf. A fresh and improved consumer experience that traditional online shopping lacks can be created on the website using AI  bots in a conversational web framework.

An AI bot, seen from the perspective of an online store, automatically communicates messages from the brand to the customer, learns from feedback, and collects vital information on the user's behavior and preferences for some uses. As a result, quick and individualized help leads to more sales and higher income. The two most popular uses of AI  chatbots for eCommerce websites are chatbots as shopping assistants and customer support agents. Customers can get round-the-clock assistance from an AI-powered chatbot for customer service regarding a range of inquiries including their orders, company information, FAQs, etc. When used as a shopping assistant, a chatbot can place an order, provide information about a product, and offer specific product recommendations.

After many examples of the benefits of chatbots, we share two examples of successful applications in eСommerce.

1. Foliekniven AI Bot – Felix

Rune Fabricius, the proprietor of Foliekniven, a website selling stickers, banners, foil letters, and signage, says: “When we lost an essential customer service employee, we had to look for a solution. After seeing how easy it can be to build a bot, we decided to have it for our small customer service team,”The Foliekniven chatbot can answer questions regarding orders, assist clients in choosing the right product, and do much more. Moreover, it speaks Danish. "Felix became a full-time member of our staff. We gave it training just like we would a new employee. We gave it the tone and voice of the company so it can speak like one of us. "Felix is a team member and the primary point of contact for customers. He transfers the communication to a person if he is unable to respond.In the end, Foliekniven's team did bring on board a new customer care agent, but Felix continues to be the most essential and crucial virtual assistant.

With the help of an AI-powered chatbot, a customer can be helped instead of sold, and a transaction can become a relationship and a conversation. By implementing instant messages, an eCommerce company can begin employing Conversational AI as a commercial strategy. Tiger of Sweden needed to respond to the questions the customer support team was receiving in a timely, automated, and precise manner. For us, the following factors are essential: response time, accessibility, and self-service. We have found that most of our consumers prefer to find the information on their own," explains Nadin Kempel Sigh.

Their eCommerce company was able to reduce email and phone inbounds by 50% after introducing an AI bot. By addressing 30% of customer inquiries, the chatbot proved to be a tremendous help to the customer care team. But, client satisfaction should also be used to gauge a chatbot's effectiveness. "In just one year, 'The Support Customer Satisfaction Score' increased from 73% to 96%," Before Tiger of Sweden implemented the chatbot, clients had to wait anywhere between 20 and 26 hours for a response from customer support.

2. DoucheBags’ customer service chatbot Astrid

A chatbot named Astrid was introduced by DoucheBags, a Norwegian firm that creates, manufactures, and distributes bags for easy travel. Astrid supports customer service by responding to inquiries about shipping, warranty, and purchase price.

Astrid does more than just respond to typical queries. Also, the chatbot serves as a shopping assistant. A user must offer details about the products they want. To customize the advice, Astrid poses a few questions, such as, "What kind of bag are you searching for?" Then, it presents a few choices. It also poses the inquiry, "What do you plan on utilizing it for?" to ascertain the motivation behind the purchase. The AI bot presents a few options based on the customer's input and explains why it chose particular bags. An AI chatbot for eCommerce websites can also serve as a gift finder. When attempting to discover the ideal presents for their family and friends, buyers frequently become discouraged. They might not know what they are looking for, which is the cause of this.

Also, when customers visit their eCommerce websites, businesses collect user data and display the appropriate products depending on that data. The suggestions made when a visitor is seeking to purchase a present for someone else can be more appropriate for the visitor than the intended recipient. Here is an artificial intelligence (AI) bot for an eCommerce website that can function as a present bot and address the problem of gift suggestions. It can provide internet customers inspiration for what to buy and assure them that they are purchasing the proper item.

The AI bot can ask questions like "Are you looking for a gift for a lady or a man?" "How old is your friend?" and "What books does your friend prefer to read?" to deliver individualized product recommendations. Sales have increased as a result of the bots that assist clients with their gift purchases. Danish online retailer Saxo saw a 400% increase in conversion rates after implementing an AI chatbot to assist customers in choosing gifts.

In addition

The audience can be better understood with the aid of AI bots for eCommerce websites. Knowing what your audience wants may make generating leads and conversions a lot easier. A chatbot's data can be utilized to learn about your consumers' purchasing preferences. The shop can offer a smooth user experience and convert them more readily when they return the following time.


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