eCommerce platforms for prototyping and MVP

You need to make an MVP quickly and cheaply using the Lean Startup methodology? If you still don't know what platform or how to make an MVP - contact the experts who are here for you!

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eCommerce used to be a choice available exclusively to large businesses with significant budgets and an abundance of products to sell. Nowadays, eCommerce is relevant to businesses of all sizes, even startups. eCommerce is prepared to assist in making it possible, even if you simply have a few products or services to market. You even have options if you’re a startup that is just now getting on your feet.

And here you can help yourself with MVP - the basic version of the product that you build to understand your audience better. It helps the audience know the product and what to expect from it. On the other side, it aids companies in understanding the true worth of the product and its viability.

How can you develop a product without coding knowledge? You don't have to worry if you have a similar problem. There are plenty of no/zero/low-code platforms available online to help release the first stage product without any outside help.

Benefits of the No-Code Approach

  1. It helps you create a minimal viable product with minimal investment and effort. You get to gain more from the users interacting with the no-code MVP, which accelerates actual product development.
  2. Faster feedback through better user interaction allows you to remove features that seem unnecessary for the solution.
  3. Easy to launch newer versions by incorporating the feedback. It allows you to stay in the loop with the customer and assess the product idea.
  4. No coding allows you to get rid of the hassles of hiring another person for the project. It saves time and cost. You can hire experts once you are ready with the concept evaluation.

List of no/zero/low-code Platforms for MVP


Shopify is arguably the most popular eCommerce platform and offers a wealth of features that also happen to be very easy to use (can’t find a feature you’re looking for right on your dashboard? The Shopify app store is bound to have something to supplement your store’s needs).


WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress, the most popular content management system (CMS). For users of WordPress, WooCommerce is a great option since it’s so simple to add to your dashboard. After the successful installation of WooCommerce, you’ll have access to shopping functionality, product management, and payments and checkout functions on your website.


Squarespace is a website builder tool that is aimed mainly at small business owners selling limited amounts of products. It allows you to create a professional site without any coding necessary; in fact, tinkering too much is discouraged on this platform. With Squarespace, you’re encouraged to pick a template, add some content, and go.


Webflow is used by more than 3,500,000 designers and teams to create, collaborate on, and scale beautiful websites in a completely visual canvas — no coding needed.


Airtable is a service that allows you to create databases for all occasions. The simple and pleasant interface makes it intuitive for any user.


Softr is a service for creating websites and web applications without using code. With Softr, teams can create full-featured applications. These can be client portals for publishing content about the company, corporate tools (CRM systems, knowledge bases, etc.), marketplaces, websites, and other web applications. Applications and sites in Softr are created using integration with Airtable, where the database of the created application is maintained and the input and output data are configured.


Stripe is an international secure online payment system that works with individuals and companies of all sizes, offers affordable fees, and allows you to accept cards from all over the world. Thanks to this system, you will be able to accept payments using cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and others), Apple Pay, and Google Pay.


Bubble offers total design freedom without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. Create mobile-friendly layouts and dynamic content for a polished product that you'll be proud to show off to your prospects, customers, or investors.

You need to make an MVP quickly and cheaply using the Lean Startup methodology? If you still don't know what platform or how to make an MVP - contact the experts who are here for you!

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