Gamification Apps for Shopify

Elevate your Shopify store with the best gamification apps! Discover how Flyy, Adoric Pop-Ups, Discount Hunt, Engagebud, and Leadster can transform customer engagement, enhance the shopping experience, and skyrocket your sales. Find out how these apps integrate seamlessly with Shopify to offer rewards, challenges, and interactive fun that customers love.

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Gamification Apps for Shopify

In the pursuit of discovering ways for Shopify businesses to effortlessly incorporate gamification into their websites.  We've identified five gamification apps tailored for Shopify.

1. Flyy - Gamified Rewards

How do you react when you receive a surprise scratch card after completing a transaction with Google Pay?

Even though you're aware that scratching the card might yield a 'Better Luck Next Time' or a maximum cashback of $3 to $4, there's still a sense of excitement. Have you ever wondered why?

Research indicates that the anticipation of unexpected rewards triggers the pleasure center of the brain, known as the nucleus accumbens, making them remarkably potent.

This is why surprise rewards can serve as a compelling tool for instant engagement, adding significance to rewards. Flyy has integrated this concept to aid Shopify brands in boosting sales while reducing customer acquisition costs.

Indeed, Flyy offers gamified rewards through its Shopify app, featuring a no-code referral program. With this, you can provide surprise scratch card rewards to both referrers and referees.

To implement a gamified referral program on your Shopify store, follow these simple steps:

  • Access the referral program and establish rewards for both referrers and referees.
  • Select from a range of reward types, including fixed/variable, and percentage/amount discounts.
  • Customize the floating icon and panel to align with your brand's color scheme.
  • Launch the program!

For those interested in learning how to create a referral program using Flyy's gamification app, a step-by-step guide video is available. Witness firsthand how the referral program operates.

Moreover, Flyy is developing a loyalty program where you can dispense loyalty points through gamification elements such as spin the wheel, slot machine, and more.

Their pricing is structured based on your order volume, starting at $59 per month.

2. Falling Gift Game by Adoric Pop-Ups

If you're a fan of the hit Netflix series Money Heist, you'll likely recall the memorable D-Day scene from Season 3.

In that scene, the team orchestrates a spectacle by showering the city with loads of money, causing chaos to distract authorities and facilitate their escape.

Now, whether or not you've seen this scene, I had a fleeting thought: "Wouldn't it be amazing if something like this could happen in real life?" Surprisingly, I stumbled upon something quite similar recently.

While it's not raining money (we're not that fortunate), I discovered a Shopify app that mimics this concept by dropping gift boxes via parachutes. Users can simply click on these falling gifts to win discounts. Pretty neat, huh? This gamification feature is made possible by Adoric Pop-Ups, allowing you to set up this engaging game for your website visitors in just five minutes.

Once you've installed the Adoric app, you can easily activate the "Gamify User Experience" option, alongside choices like growing your email list, promoting special offers, or preventing cart abandonment.

Within the "Gamify User Experience" feature, you'll find the "Falling Gifts Game," which you can tailor by specifying:

  • The number of chances users have to play
  • Available templates and styles
  • The text and discount codes you wish to convey
  • Target users, applicable pages, and activation timing

Adoric charges based on the number of monthly page views, starting from $9 per month, and has demonstrated its ability to boost sales by up to 70%.

3. Discount Hunt

I have a peculiar habit of never leaving any notifications unread. It's hard to explain, it's just an impulse. But recently, I decided to delve into why I do what I do and realized I'm not alone.

It turns out that two out of the five dimensions of curiosity drive this behavior:

  • Joyous Exploration: I actively seek out new information and revel in the joy of learning it. For instance, I eagerly check if Swiggy is offering a new discount.
  • Social Curiosity: I'm intrigued by what my friends and peers are up to. For example, I often read their messages and watch the reels they send.

Humans are naturally inclined to discover new things, and Discount Hunt capitalizes on this with its gamification strategy.

Discount Hunt, a Shopify app, enhances the visitor experience on your website, thereby boosting your customer base, page views, time spent, and ultimately, sales.

How does it work? By turning visitors into discount hunters. But it's more than just a hunt. The beauty lies in the customization options, where you can tailor discounts based on:

  • Number of icons required to unlock a discount code
  • Specific website pages
  • Time spent on the site

Setting up a discount session is simple:

  • Name your discount, choose an icon and code
  • Select the pages to visit and the number of icons to find
  • Customize the discount pop-up and success email messages

Here's how it appears on your Shopify store:

4. Engagebud: Gamified Popups

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed, only to pause at an ad that challenges you with questions like "Who's the real culprit?" or "We bet you can't match this"?

What do you do next? Do you engage with it? I do. It's the challenge that intrigues me, and that's precisely what games can do for your website visitors.

Games are a powerful tool for enhancing user engagement, and the Engagebud Shopify app understands this well.

Their customizable games, including Candy Crush, Slot Machine, Fruit Ninja, and Trivia, outperform traditional pop-ups in gathering user data.

Setting up Engagebud games is straightforward:

  • Select a game and define its placement
  • Name your game and begin customization
  • Configure products, floating buttons, appearance, rewards, texts, triggers, etc.

Once the campaign setup is complete, this is how it appears in your Shopify store:

The Engagebud gamification app charges based on monthly impressions. During the 14-day free trial, only three games are available, after which unlimited games are accessible starting at $10/month.

5. Leadster Gamification Popups

Imagine a user visiting your website and encountering an icon offering 'Free Shipping.' Will it catch their attention? Absolutely.

Next, the user clicks on it and sees a giant ball dropping on their screen, filled with smaller balls displaying various offers and discounts.

All they need to do is enter their email address, click 'Try your luck,' and play. It may not be the most innovative gamification idea to grow email subscriber lists and retarget them, but Leadster Gamification Popups, a Shopify app, stands out with its easy-to-configure and implement gamified pop-ups.

Their app is incredibly user-friendly. You can:

  • Add prizes inside the ball
  • Set corresponding discount codes, probabilities, and jackpot prizes
  • Customize the theme to match your brand colors and behavior triggers like exit intent
  • Set timers and get the ball rolling

Here's how it looks in your Shopify store:

The Leadster gamification popups app charges based on the number of popup views, starting from $9.90/month.

Adding Gamification to Your Cart

We've heard numerous DTC founders express concerns about attracting quality customers, engaging them, and growing sales. Based on everything We've learned about gamification, it seems to be the answer to these challenges.

Since everyone enjoys challenges, surprises, and rewards, gamifying your Shopify store is one of the most effective ways to convert visitors into customers.

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