10 Pre-Launch eCommerce Tactics

Maximize your eCommerce success with ECORN's proven pre-launch marketing strategies. Secure your audience, create buzz, and launch with a bang! We guide you through effective tactics like email marketing, SEO, influencers, and more. Turn your eCommerce idea into a thriving online store with ECORN.

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The worst eCommerce illusion is that to convince customers to use their credit cards and make a purchase, you need to have the correct products, an attractive website, and outstanding product photography. Those are the admission requirements, the baseline. If you open your store to a crowd that was already interested in what you were doing, you might prove the exception. However, the majority of stores launch to the incorrect audience, if any. Because of this, the entrepreneur is forced to scramble to attract customers, offering products at steep discounts and coming up with marketing strategies that seem more like begging for money than those of a trustworthy company that knows what it's doing. In addition, if you are new to eCommerce, then we advise you to use Shopify to launch an online store.

What is pre-launch marketing?

Pre-launch marketing is any kind of marketing effort focused on creating anticipation and excitement for a new product or service before it launches. The idea is to generate curiosity and anticipation so that when launch day finally comes, clients will be eager to purchase from you.

10 pre-launch marketing strategies to try

1. Secure your audience before the launch

Make sure you have a sizable audience interested in what you're offering before launching a new product. Making a landing page for lead generation where visitors can pre-register or subscribe to your email list is one approach to achieving this. Traffic can be brought to this through:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Paid ads
  • Organic social media
  • Traditional advertising
  • Content marketing

The conversion—the process of getting site visitors to provide their contact information and grant permission for you to contact them in the future—is what matters. With a tempting incentive, like as early access or a discount for email subscribers, you may drive these conversions.

2. Start early

Before starting an online store, it's important to establish relationships with potential customers. When you're finally ready to launch, they'll be giddy with excitement for your amazing new service. It's critical to begin your build-up far in advance of the big day since you don't want to launch to the sound of crickets and a silent register. Take email marketing as an illustration. You have several possibilities to drip-feed information to a mailing list in the months before your launch. The choices in eCommerce are endless. You might describe how your idea came to be, how you developed it into the final product, where you got the materials, what problem it solves, and more.

3. Release teasers

Customers connect with a variety of content, not simply behind-the-scenes material. People's interest in your product, or a specific feature or bundle option they might be enthused about, can be greatly increased by teasing them with information about it. They'll feel like they're a member of an elite group that knows more than everyone else, which will delight your early admirers. Before the big reveal, you can display close-up product images that merely hint at a portion of it.

4. Run a contest

Free stuff is really popular, thus using this pre-launch marketing tactic to generate excitement is a terrific idea. Running an Instagram competition, for instance, could increase your social media activity and bring in additional customers for marketing. Make sure the entry procedures are simple and enjoyable to complete when organizing a giveaway, sweepstakes, or contest, and that the prize is appropriate. In this manner, even those who don't win will still have a favorable impression of your brand.

5. Build hype through influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective methods for expanding your company's internet presence. It occurs when someone with a following in a particular region promotes a brand. You might collaborate with an influencer before the product launches to share enticing content about it in exchange for cash (or the real product).

6. Create a press kit

Making it as simple as you can for bloggers and publications to write about you will help you have a successful product launch. Having a press kit prepared and ready to go is a smart idea if you want to be featured in well-known publications. Journalists can simply access this database of details about your company and products while they're working on a story.

7. Throw a launch party

One-on-one meetings, phone calls, or emails cannot produce the same sense of unity that a huge group of enthusiastic individuals in one room can. Invite more than 50 prominent and driven friends, show them your Kickstarter video, and give a speech outlining why you need their support as well as what you specifically need them to do.

8. Use Amazon Live

Customers now have a new option to research products and communicate with the designers thanks to Amazon Live. You may showcase your product on Amazon Live, demonstrate how it functions, and offer consumers a sneak preview of what's to come. In the chat box, you can also respond to any queries prospective consumers may have.

9. Run audio ads

A great technique to communicate with potential clients in a direct, focused manner is through audio adverts. People can be targeted depending on their demographics, interests, or even what they're doing (like commuting or exercising). You don't necessarily need a significant budget to employ the customized ad alternatives offered by platforms like Spotify and Pandora.

10. Connect with niche communities

Niche communities have long been drivers of product development. But in today's digital landscape, connecting with them is much easier and letting them become key drivers in the hype for new launches. And this is especially important when your product needs a personal touch to persuade customers to purchase. Niche fans enjoy trying out the newest items and recommending them to others. You can gain insightful advice from devoted professionals and potentially win over a ton of new converts to your cause by exposing your product to a niche group. It's all about trust, therefore follow their instructions and adhere to the group's protocol.


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