eCom & Retail Events 2024: Americas & Europe

Stay ahead in the eCommerce industry with our comprehensive guide to the must-attend conferences and events of 2024 across Europe and the USA. Network, learn from industry leaders, and explore the latest in digital marketing and technology trends to boost your business strategy.

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If you're deeply invested in the world of eCommerce and aim to stay abreast of the latest trends, updates, tactics, and technologies, it's crucial to glean insights from the industry's thought leaders. Numerous eCommerce events are scheduled for this year!

Offline conferences and events offer an unparalleled opportunity to achieve this goal. They provide a platform for acquiring fresh ideas, sharing your own experiences, connecting with like-minded individuals, and forging valuable contacts. By blending networking and learning, you position yourself a step ahead in crafting innovative online strategies, outpacing your competition.

We're delighted to share with you a curated list of conferences and events spanning Europe and the USA, encompassing all facets of eCommerce and digital marketing. This calendar is designed to simplify your task of staying informed about events that align most closely with your specific needs.

Europe and America Events

Webwinkel Vakdagen

Utrecht, Netherlands, Jan 23–24, 2024

Savant eCommerce Berlin

Savant eCommerce Berlin is an exclusive boutique conference tailored for senior executives in the eCommerce domain. Distinguished VIP speakers will delve into key topics such as:

  • AI-driven eCommerce
  • Innovative solutions for data tracking
  • Addressing supply chain challenges

Berlin, Germany, Jan 24–25, 2024

The Delivery Conference

Foremost authorities across the entire eCommerce delivery ecosystem collaborate to disseminate the latest trends, novel insights, and effective strategies.

  • Over 1000 Leaders
  • Representing 700+ Brands
  • Featuring insights from 30+ Speakers
  • Offering more than 20 Informative Sessions

London, United Kingdom, Feb 6, 2024

Smart Commerce

Smart Commerce 2024 will bring together retail and eCommerce stakeholders to engage in conversations about shared challenges and opportunities.

  • One-day Event
  • Featuring insights from 20+ Speakers
  • Expecting 400 Participants

Helsinki, Finland, Feb 7, 2024

eCommerce and Digital Marketing Expo NORTH

The aim of the ECDM Expo North 2024 international conference is to serve as a focal point of interest for executives and business owners currently engaged or aspiring to venture into eCommerce and digital marketing, along with merchants and professionals at large.

Thessaloniki, Greece, Feb 17–18, 2024

Savant eCommerce London

Savant Conferences occur on an annual basis, concentrating on subjects such as Big Data, Digital Transformation, Customer-centricity, technologies, and brands in the digital era. The event provides extensive networking possibilities, market-driven insights, and the latest innovations.

London, United Kingdom, Feb 20–21, 2024

E-Commerce Berlin Expo

The occasion pledges to provide a chance for both e-commerce leaders and businesses to broaden their knowledge and refine their market strategies.

Speakers will delve into specifics related to merchants, platforms, hosting providers, fraud prevention solution providers, payment processors, and other online solution businesses.

Berlin, Germany, Feb 22, 2024

White Label Expo UK

The White Label Expo is the creation of Prysm Group. Gain insights from industry experts, retail prediction specialists, and leaders who shape the industry, as they share their forecasts for emerging trends, strategies for building innovative brands, and disruptive selling tactics.

London, United Kingdom, Feb 27–28, 2024

Ecommerce Boost Day in Manchester

The Ecommerce Camp's Ecommerce Boost Day in Manchester is an innovative workshop curated by Ecommerce Camp. It assembles a cohort of seasoned business owners and marketers to craft your ecommerce strategy and marketing plans for 2024.

  1. Connect with industry peers, experts, and potential partners, fostering valuable relationships.
  2. Acquire actionable insights and knowledge directly from business owners with real-world experience.

Manchester, UK, Feb 29, 2024

ITB Berlin

ITB strives to bring together the global travel, tourism, and hospitality industries through the organization of widely attended live events and forward-thinking, comprehensive digital or hybrid formats. Their mission is to promote business connections, establish a worldwide network, and provide reliable, top-notch services across all levels.

Berlin, Germany, Mar 5–7, 2024


The central theme of D-Congress 2024 is "Profitable Creativity" – the skill of applying creative thinking to achieve superior outcomes. D-Congress offers a platform for industry professionals to collaborate and collectively influence the future of the trade.

Gothenburg, Sweden, Mar 6–7, 2024

One to One

The event operates on an efficient model of pre-arranged targeted business meetings: eCommerce merchants bring forth a project or challenge that they discuss in one-on-one sessions.

Monaco, Mar 12–14, 2024

London eCommerce Summit

Throughout the day, there will be panel discussions, presentations, and one-on-one meetings covering various topics such as eCommerce strategy, marketing, operations, customer experience, payment, shipping, loyalty, and more.

London, United Kingdom, Mar 13, 2024

Re:signal eCommerce SEO Conference

A specially designed eCommerce SEO conference featuring a stellar lineup of outstanding industry experts and innovators.

London, United Kingdom, Mar 15, 2024

eTail Germany

eTail is an international conference series boasting over two decades of prominence as one of the foremost industry events. The conference will encompass engaging, dynamic approaches, foster peer-to-peer interactions, and showcase speakers from diverse industry experts.

Berlin, Germany, Mar 19–20, 2024

Emerce Retail

Gain insights and inspiration on digital platforms, omnichannel retail, marketplaces, unique customer experiences, and innovation. Listen to discussions from renowned retail brands and experts on the latest retail tactics and trends.

  • Over 25 top speakers
  • Over 300 digital decision-makers in retail

Maarssen, Netherlands, Mar 21, 2024

Ecommerce Italia

The event adopts a hybrid format, blending in-person and virtual components.

The conference will explore eCommerce strategies, trends, and recent developments, showcasing best case studies and technologies implemented by renowned Italian eCommerce companies. The physical attendance for the event will be restricted to approximately 200 people.

Milan, Italy, Apr 10, 2024

Global Digital Transformation & Customer Experience Summit

Participants will discover methods for integrating cutting-edge technology to provide a top-notch experience to customers. The agenda covers:

  • Customer experience in the era of artificial intelligence
  • Proactive versus reactive customer service
  • Leveraging automation to enhance customer experience

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Apr 11–12, 2024

World Retail Congress

The World Retail Congress provides a forum for retailers worldwide to converge, exchange knowledge, and share insights.

Paris, France, Apr 16–18, 2024

eComm Live

Attending eComm Live is essential for those aiming to establish their brand, amplify sales, and acquire insights from industry leaders.

Belfast, United Kingdom, May 1–2, 2024

Netcomm Forum 2024

The Netcomm Forum brings together professionals from the digital ecosystem to engage in discussions about strategies, techniques, and solutions for eCommerce and digital retail.

Milan, Italy, May 8–9, 2024

E-Show Barcelona

E-show Barcelona centers on themes related to eCommerce, online marketing, social media, and cloud computing. Noteworthy exhibitors from the previous year's event included industry leaders such as Adobe, BigCommerce, DHL, Stripe, and more.

Barcelona, Spain, May 13–14, 2024


The occasion will establish connections between Czech online businesses and top-tier technology and service providers.

Note: Conducted exclusively in the Czech language.

Prague, Czechia, May 15, 2024

Emerce B2B Digital

Experience three days of compelling content covering trends, tactics, and successes in digital transformation and B2B e-commerce strategies.

The event will feature over 25 distinguished speakers, with a participation of more than 300 decision-makers and managers in B2B commerce.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 16, 2024


The Swiss Conference for Retail & eCommerce offers one or two keynote sessions, industry panels, interviews, and in-depth master classes. Emphasizing experiential learning, it aims to share insights and experiences from the industry for the industry.

Zurich, Switzerland, May 29, 2024

Shopware Community Day

Anticipate an extensive array of topics revolving around the latest advancements in digital commerce. Offering privileged insights into the world concealed behind the code, this is your opportunity to gain a preview of the future of eCommerce.

  • Over 6,000 attendees
  • 1,000 guests present on site
  • Featuring more than 40 top-level speakers across 3 stages
  • Over 30 talks, panel discussions, and interviews

Ahaus, GermanyTBA

E-Commerce Expo

During the two-day event, we will delve into successful strategies that e-retailers and digital marketers can employ to provide distinctive customer experiences. Alongside strategies, we will unveil the technologies that will influence the future of eCommerce.

Stockholm, Sweden, May 29–30, 2024

Retail Tech

The Retail Technology Expo in Sweden, boasting over 250 exhibitors and brands, drew 5,500 decision-makers to the fair and hosted 800 conference attendees, establishing itself as the foremost trade gathering in the Nordic region.

Stockholm, Sweden, May 29–30, 2024

Shoptalk Europe

Shoptalk Europe features a roster of over 175 industry leaders who will share groundbreaking insights and future predictions for businesses.

Open to anyone in the retail industry, the event covers diverse subjects including eCommerce, marketing, merchandising, physical stores, supply chains, payments, and more.

Shoptalk Europe anticipates over 3,500 guests and 175+ industry luminaries and rising stars, offering their insider knowledge on crucial possibilities and future trends.

Barcelona, Spain, June 3–5, 2024

E-Commerce Live!

Leverage the Omni-keynote event's keynote addresses, panel discussions, inspirational stories, and round tables featuring top brands and businesses to achieve success in eCommerce and digital business, and to implement innovative strategies.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, Jun 5, 2024

Meet Magento UK

Meet Magento UK stands as the largest community-hosted gathering in the UK for merchants, developers, and technology partners involved with the Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source platforms.

United Kingdom TBA

Meet Magento Baltics

Acquire firsthand insights into the future of the Magento ecosystem through presentations by Adobe. Explore key insights from brands and agencies as they share success stories and observed trends. Establish connections and network with merchants and service providers from the Baltic States in person.

Riga, Latvia TBA

Paris Retail Week

Paris Retail Week comprises a series of gatherings for the retail ecosystem, featuring sessions by Ecommerce professionals. Explore workshops and keynotes delving into disruptive topics such as data, agile customer experience, new payment experiences, CSR, and more.

With over 15,000 participants and more than 3,000 exhibitors, this event promises a robust and dynamic engagement.

Paris, France, Sept 17–19, 2024

Internet Retailing Expo

IRX is a comprehensive two-day conference designed to offer practical workshop sessions and networking opportunities.

With over 100 world-class solution providers in attendance, you'll have a unique chance to connect with eCommerce industry professionals. This conference equips you with profitable models and methods for both short-term and long-term implementation.

London, United Kingdom, Oct 2–3, 2024

CX Solutions Summit

The CX Solutions Summit provides exclusive one-to-one business meetings, engaging seminars, and valuable networking opportunities, creating an ideal environment for cultivating enduring professional relationships. Tailored for senior professionals in the customer services and IT/digital customer fields, the event in 2024 will maintain its hybrid format, allowing virtual attendance options for participants.

London, United Kingdom, Oct 17, 2024

Richmond E-Commerce Forum Autumn

The Richmond E-Commerce Forum Autumn focuses on facilitating business connections within the eCommerce sector. Specifically catering to eCommerce professionals in Italy, the event aims to bridge the gap between supply and demand while fostering the exchange of new ideas, solutions, and innovations within the sector.

Rimini, Italy, Oct 20–22, 2024

Web Summit 2024

Web Summit unites prominent speakers, major tech companies, and leading media outlets.

Since its inception as a 150-person conference in Dublin in 2009, Web Summit events have collectively attracted half a million attendees, spanning Web Summit in Lisbon, Web Summit Rio in South America, Collision in North America, and RISE in Asia.

Lisbon, Portugal, November 11–14, 2024

Handelskongress [eng. The German Trade Congress]

The German Trade Congress, or Handelskongress, stands as Germany's largest and most significant trade event. Key figures from German retail, the consumer goods industry, and politics converge to deliberate on present challenges and industry advancements. This congress serves as a distinctive platform for experts to exchange ideas and formulate forward-thinking solutions. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to the German Trade Congress!

Berlin, Germany, November 13–14, 2024


ECOM21 stands as the foremost international conference for eCommerce and Fintech, uniting industry leaders and decision-makers to deliberate on the latest trends and challenges in the post-pandemic world.

Riga, Latvia, November 27–28, 2024

Customer Engagement Summit

Touted as Europe's largest customer engagement event, the Customer Engagement Summit promises diverse content covering all facets of customer engagement. The central theme for the 2024 event is "The Only Constant is Change: The Role of Human Experience and Technology in Transforming CX."

London, United Kingdom, Nov 26, 2024

The Adobe Summit 2024

The Adobe Summit 2024 focuses on social media, targeting, ad optimization, analytics, and web experience management. Key topics include:

  • B2B Marketing
  • Analytics for Customer Journeys
  • Commerce Made Personal
  • Collaborative Work Management
  • Customer Data

Las Vegas, USA and Online, Mar 26–28, 2024

We hope that you will find this calendar beneficial. We encourage your attendance at any of the events listed above. However, if attending is not possible, periodically checking the organizers' websites may prove fruitful, as they often publish key takeaways and findings post-event, providing valuable information at no cost.

Let us know if you want to co-host a side event or meet at any of these events! We are open to participating and giving a talk about the Shopify ecosystem, AI, and DTC.

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