Grow sales with Shop App: Tutorial

Unlock the full potential of Shopify's Shop App to boost your revenue and enhance customer loyalty. Our comprehensive guide explores its key features, benefits, and tips on customizing the app to elevate your business. Discover how to streamline shopping experiences, drive engagement, and achieve higher customer retention with Shopify today.

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As a merchant within the Shopify ecosystem—or someone looking to join it—ensuring you harness the full potential of the Shop app is a straightforward method to boost your revenue and foster customer loyalty. Here’s a comprehensive guide to Shopify’s Shop app, covering its core features, advantages, and how to tailor it effectively for your business.

What is the Shop App?

Originally launched as the Arrive app in 2017, the Shop app marked Shopify's venture into transforming package tracking. Initially aimed at consolidating delivery tracking via linked Gmail accounts, it provided users with real-time updates on their order statuses. By 2020, the app underwent a significant rebranding to become an all-in-one mobile shopping hub.

Today, the Shop app stands as a distinct ecosystem packed with optimizations and features crafted to enhance the online shopping journey for customers and the merchants who cater to them.

Key Features of the Shop App

The Shop app has evolved to encompass a range of features tailored to the modern e-commerce environment, including:

Real-Time Order Tracking

The Shop app's standout feature allows customers to track all their shipments seamlessly in one interface, receiving real-time updates at every stage of the delivery process. Push notifications keep users informed whenever their package carriers update their delivery or order status, eliminating the need to manage multiple tracking numbers and confirmation emails. Even if other Shop app functionalities are not yet enabled on your store, customers can still utilize the app to track orders placed with your company. To encourage further adoption and unlock additional features for merchants, you can activate the Track with Shop feature from the Shop channel section of your Shopify admin.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Utilizing user data, the Shop app provides personalized product recommendations based on individual shopping habits, enhancing customer engagement. Acting as a central shopping hub for various favorite stores, the app displays your store's inventory to potential customers who haven't yet visited your website. Customized sections on the app's home page offer tailored recommendations based on past purchases and browsing history, simplifying the process of ordering from multiple stores in one place. Users can also follow your store, enhancing your brand visibility and keeping customers focused on your products within the app.

Synced Checkout Process

The Shop app facilitates quick and hassle-free repeat purchases by storing payment and shipping information for seamless checkout experiences. With the Cart Sync feature, users can access their shopping cart from any device or platform, ensuring a consistent experience across multiple channels. The Shop Sign-In feature further streamlines checkout by allowing users to sign into your store using their Shop credentials, regardless of their previous shopping history.

Streamlined Payments with Shop Pay

Shop Pay simplifies the checkout process by enabling customers to pay for their orders with a quick 6-digit code verification, eliminating the need to manually input payment details. Offering flexible payment options, including full payment or interest-free installment plans, Shop Pay accommodates various budget preferences, ultimately boosting sales for merchants. Moreover, Shop Pay contributes to environmental sustainability through a carbon-removal program, reducing the environmental footprint of each purchase.

Shop Cash Rewards Program

Available to users in the United States, Shop Cash rewards customers with cash back on eligible orders, which can be redeemed for future Shop app purchases. Merchants can create special offers to enhance the value of Shop Cash for customers, incentivizing repeat purchases and boosting customer acquisition.

Local Discovery and Shop Search

The Shop app enables customers to discover and support local and independent businesses, fostering community engagement. The Shop Local section displays qualifying stores within a specified radius of the user's location, promoting local commerce. Shop Search allows customers to search for specific products directly within the app, filtering results based on availability, shipping options, and favorite stores.

Shop Chat

Merchants using the Shop Channel and Shopify Inbox can leverage the Shop Chat feature to communicate with customers directly within the app, addressing inquiries and building valuable relationships across multiple sales channels.

Performance Analytics

In addition to facilitating purchases, the Shop app provides merchants with comprehensive analytics, including sales, orders, tracking, and impressions generated through the mobile app. These insights empower merchants to optimize their strategies and enhance their overall performance.

Product Reviews

The Shop app includes a review section where customers can provide feedback on products purchased. Merchants can respond to reviews, fostering engagement and trust with customers.

Marketing Tools

Merchants can re-engage customers and followers using the Shop app's marketing tools, including updates for new collections, products, or special offers. Post-purchase offers automation with discount codes encourage repeat purchases and come with performance metrics for tracking effectiveness.

Shop Minis

Shop Minis offers miniature versions of Shopify stores within the Shop app, enabling developers to translate existing functionality or create new mobile shopping experiences. Merchants can explore existing Minis or publish their own for others to use, expanding their brand reach within the app.

How to Set Up The Shop App as a Merchant

To feature your Shopify store in the Shop app, ensure it meets specific requirements to maintain consistency for both merchants and customers:

  1. Compliance with Shopify's Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. An active Shopify plan (Starter or higher).
  3. Activation of Shopify Payments.
  4. Activation of Shop Pay.
  5. A chargeback rate below 1% in the last six months.
  6. Installation of the Shop channel app from the Shopify App Store.
  7. At least one product meets Shop's eligibility criteria (only approved products will be displayed if you sell both prohibited and approved items).
  8. An operational Online Store sales channel that is not password-protected.
  9. Absence of certain apps like password control or age verification apps (e.g., Advanced Registration, B2B Login Access Management, Locksmith, etc.).

If your store meets these conditions, congratulations! It's already visible in the mobile app. While eligible stores with the Shop Channel app are visible by default, take the time to customize your store to optimize its performance.

By default, your Shop store will utilize your online store’s brand assets. However, you can edit this separately to create a unique experience for your customers. Customize product collections, announcement banners, and more to align with your brand identity and enhance your presence in the app.

Shop Campaigns - Paid Ads inside Shop App

Shop Campaigns lets eligible stores create offers and ads to help increase sales to first-time customers on the Shop app and Shop on the web.

Each Shop Campaign includes a Shop Cash offer, which incentivizes new customers to redeem their Shop Cash on your Shop Store by temporarily increasing its value, and optional third-party ads to drive new customers to your store.

You pay acquisition costs only for successful sales.

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The Shop App transcends being a mere extension of your Shopify store—it's a crucial tool for enhancing the e-commerce experience. Whether you're already part of the Shopify ecosystem or planning to join, leveraging the Shop App can significantly boost your business's potential and drive higher customer acquisition and retention rates.

With its expanding array of features such as real-time order tracking, personalized shopping experiences, streamlined checkout, Shop Cash rewards, Shop Minis, and more, the Shop App not only simplifies the shopping process for your customers but also opens up new avenues for customer engagement and business growth.



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