Shopify One-page checkout Guide

Discover the transformative potential of Shopify's latest one-page checkout feature, unveiled at Winter 2023 Shopify Editions. Dive into our detailed exploration covering real-time demonstrations, comparisons with multi-step checkouts, and step-by-step guidance on activating this efficient checkout solution for your Shopify store. Elevate your e-commerce experience now!

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Find out more about the Shopify one-page checkout, which was announced at the Winter 2023 Shopify Editions. See real-time demonstrations, learn how it differs from the multi-step checkout, and discover how to activate it for your store.

Over 100 new products were revealed by Shopify at the Editions Winter 2023 event. The one-page checkout was the one that most likely generated the most excitement. All merchants can now use the live one-page checkout.

We'll go over what it is, how it looks, and how to use it in your Shopify store in this article.

What is a one-page checkout?

One-page checkout, also known as single-step or one-click checkout, is a condensed checkout procedure that consists of just one page or step.

It is usually optimized to be as basic as feasible and has fewer fields. It is assumed that a higher conversion and a lesser drop-off occur with fewer steps.

But is it true? It depends…

Intuitive and optimized for conversion

The user experience is improved and friction is reduced in the one-page experience, which is intended to increase conversion. The Shopify team incorporated an expedited checkout experience for guests by drawing inspiration from Shop Pay, our checkout with the highest conversion rate. For instance, pre-filled parts for returning customers automatically collapse to speed up the checkout process. To provide the best possible purchasing experience, they have also meticulously crafted every design aspect, allowing customers to concentrate on what matters most.

Built on the ever-improving checkout platform

A constantly improving, low-latency, dependable, compliant checkout infrastructure that can process up to 100,000 checkouts per minute is the foundation upon which the one-page checkout is constructed. The Shopify team uses its size advantage to continuously develop and make sure that our platform is optimized for conversions, safe, and fast. They have released multiple updates to our new checkout since the beginning of 2022, which have increased conversion by 1.5%.

One-page vs. multi-page checkout

The one-page checkout is all that many merchants pursue since they believe it to be "better". It's not better for every business, which is the issue. Multi-page checkouts convert better for certain businesses.

One-page checkout is generally used for mobile traffic, lower AOV products, and younger audiences. Geographical factors also play a role; certain nations (such as those from North and South America) check out more quickly and without reluctance. Others, like Japan and Germany, on the other hand, take their time and thoroughly analyze each field or step.

The standard multi-page checkout on Shopify is divided into four steps:

Information – Step to enter all relevant customer details like name, email, address

Shipping – Step to select one of the shipping methods

Payment – Step to select one of the payment methods

Order Confirmation – Page displayed as an order confirmation. Sometimes also called the thank you page. Great for offering post-purchase upsells.

It also enables one-click transactions with quick payment methods like Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, Shop Pay, or Amazon Pay. The customer only needs to log into their current account after clicking, thereby finishing the checkout process. In one superb hybrid checkout, the greatest elements of both single-page and multi-page checkouts are integrated.

Therefore, the crucial elements are the amount of optimization at the checkout and your company sector. We have seen a lot of one-page checkouts that were crammed with fields and data on several e-commerce sites.

How to get a one-page checkout on Shopify

All merchants can now use the live one-page checkout. For further information and instructions on how to enable it, view our article.

Although it's unclear if the one-page checkout will be accessible for all Shopify plans, our best assumption is that Shopify Plus plans will be the first to gradually get the feature.

While some third-party apps offer an alternative, many "one-click checkout" apps just send users back to the regular checkout process.

The only workaround was a Magebird custom checkout that resembled a single page of Shopify checkout. Unfortunately, since Shopify doesn't allow the usage of external checkouts, this option is no longer viable.

Live examples

Few active Shopify stores have native one-page checkout implementation. Supreme is one of the few places where you can personally experience the one-step checkout. Although it has a distinctive look that blends well with the rest of the website, it is obvious that this is a one-page checkout.


A one-page checkout is not preferable to one that takes several pages. For certain organizations, it might be more advantageous, but it should always be thoroughly A/B tested, considering both the conversion rate and the average order value.

We advise making the most of the normal Shopify checkout and signing up for early access until the new checkout is made available to all merchants.

Contact our team if you need help with the transition to a one-page checkout.


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