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Considering a shift to Shopify Plus? Dive into a comprehensive guide on pricing, transaction fees, design and development costs, plus a handy calculator to determine the right time to make the migration. Get answers to all your burning questions.

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Awesome if you are a retailer thinking about using Shopify Plus for your website! A strong eCommerce enterprise solution, Shopify Plus is perfect for online stores with rapid growth rates. Here are some of the most frequent inquiries we get about the price for Shopify Plus, among many other factors to take into account.

What is the price of Shopify Plus?

Popular question and we are going to dive deeply and deconstruct Costs of Business on Shopify Plus by answering on all these questions:

  • Is the Shopify Plus Price Variable?
  • How Much is the Shopify Plus Monthly Cost?
  • How much are the credit card transaction fees for Shopify Plus?
  • What are the prices for Shopify Plus apps?
  • How much does data migration to Shopify Plus cost?
  • What is the price of Shopify Plus Design?
  • How much does Shopify Plus development cost?
  • When should we migrate to Shopify Plus? (Cost Calculator in the post)

Find Cost Calculator for Shopify Plus Plan to find out when you NEED to migrate to Shopify Plus!

Is the Shopify Plus Price Variable?

Yes! Let us explain. Shopify Plus final price is based on:

  1. Flat fee (Subscription)*
  2. Variable fee (Credit Card Transaction Fees)

*Subscription is only applied to stores with revenue under $800,000 per month. Once a store's transactions exceed $800,000 per month, the pricing model shifts to 0.25% of your monthly GMV, up to a maximum monthly fee of $40,000.

How Much is the Shopify Plus Monthly Cost?

The starting price for a Shopify Plus license is $2,000 per month. Up to nine expansion stores may be created under this license; many retailers use these expansion stores to open up shops in other nations (and tongues). Remember that you receive these extra expansion stores for free when calculating your monthly cost! If you distribute the $2,000 among these several sites, those expanding retailers help to lessen your actual monthly fee.

How much are Shopify Plus Credit Card Transaction Fees?

Here is a basic explanation of how the fees operate assuming you utilize Shopify Payments. There are several factors to take into account when evaluating Shopify Plus credit card transaction fees.

  • US customer's credit card fees Visa and Mastercard 2.15% + $.30/transaction
  • US customer's credit card fees Amex 3.15% + $.30/transaction
  • International customer's credit card fees are 3.15% + $.30/transaction

How Much Do Shopify Plus Apps Cost?

Who doesn't love free? The prices on the Shopify app store range from FREE to $500 a month and even more if App charges % of Generated Revenue. The app store has a wide variety of categories, but these are some of the more well-liked ones:

  • Store Design
  • Sales and Conversion
  • Marketing
  • Shipping
  • Inventory Management
  • Finances

Half of the apps in each category are free, while the other half are paid; even many of the premium apps provide a free trial. It's not harmful to experiment with various applications in your store, but you should exercise caution when you install and remove them because many apps can leave behind extra code that will slow down your store.

Learn more or get help with choosing right Shopify Apps - Shopify Apps

What does it Cost to Migrate Data to Shopify Plus?

Ecommerce platform migration is a major undertaking! The cost of migrating your data to Shopify Plus is only one of several factors to take into account. The most typical data types our clients transfer to Plus are listed below:

  • Order Data
  • Customer Data
  • Product Data
  • Customer Reviews
  • 301 Redirects

It's essential to migrate order, customer, and product data to your new Shopify Plus site. Your clients will want to check past order histories before placing new orders because they anticipate a smooth transition to your new business. Additionally, you'll want to migrate all of your product evaluations. We can assist with exporting that data and transferring it to a variety of Shopify review choices, including, Yotpo, and several other well-known review applications.

Last but not least, keep SEO in mind. When you switch to Shopify, your URL structure will change, so it's crucial to implement 301 redirects so that buyers who click on your old Google listings are directed to the new URL on your Shopify Plus site.

As migration work is understandably quite specialized, the following factors will affect our quote for the work:

  • Number of customer records
  • Ease with which we can export data from your current platform
  • Total number of URLs we need to do 301 redirects for
  • Timing of when we can migrate
  • Necessary Integrations

How Much Does Shopify Plus Design Cost?

The process of designing your new Shopify Plus website can be exciting for your company. You now have the opportunity to completely redesign your brand's guidelines, colors, logo, and overall aesthetic of your new website.

Companies who approach us intending to switch to Shopify Plus often fall into one of four categories:

  • Need a completely new design for their store
  • Looking for a mild design refresh
  • Planning to grab a Shopify Theme with some minor customizations
  • Planning to develop own Shopify Theme for several Shopify stores

Your rates will vary quite a bit depending on where you are on the design scale. For instance, your design expenditures will be relatively low if you choose a Shopify theme and only want very small customizations. The majority of businesses who contact us are searching for a distinctive and personalized design as a means to set their brand apart from competing online shops. The cost of bespoke themes ranges from $10,000 and higher, depending on the degree of customization, the number of features needed, and the creation of unique templates that you desire.

How much does Shopify Plus development cost?

The cost of Shopify Plus development with ECORN Agency largely depends on the specific requirements and features you envision for your new store. Factors influencing the development expenses include:

  • Extent of design personalization
  • The total count of pages to be created
  • Required third-party integrations
  • Custom app creation
  • Deadlines

For instance, if you're aiming for a highly tailored design, it'll necessitate more intensive coding on the Shopify liquid templates. Similarly, the development of 8 distinct pages is more time-consuming than crafting just 3 or 4. Additional requirements, like API integrations with in-house software or connections to fulfillment centers, will further extend the development timeline. Notably, if you're considering having ECORN Agency develop a bespoke Shopify app for you, it could considerably augment the project's scope and intricacy based on the desired features.

Interested in a complimentary consultation regarding Shopify Plus costs? Don't hesitate to get in touch, and we'll guide you through!

When should we migrate to Shopify Plus?

Deciding when to migrate to Shopify Plus depends on a combination of your current business needs, growth trajectory, and the limitations you're encountering with your existing platform. Here are some indicators to help you determine if it's the right time to consider migrating:

  1. Scaling Sales Volume: If your sales are approaching or exceeding the $800,000 per month mark, it's likely a good time to consider Shopify Plus. The platform is designed for high-volume merchants and can handle significant traffic and transactions.
  2. Customization Needs: As your business grows, you might find that you require a higher level of customization – be it in the checkout process, theme, or overall functionality. Shopify Plus allows for a more tailored shopping and checkout experience.
  3. Multiple Storefronts: If you're expanding to different markets, languages, or currencies, and need multiple storefronts, Shopify Plus can facilitate that with ease.
  4. Complex Operations: Integration with third-party systems, such as ERPs, CRMs, or specialized fulfillment solutions, is easier with Shopify Plus due to its advanced API capabilities.
  5. Advanced Marketing and Promotions: With Shopify Plus, you have exclusive access to certain features and automation tools, such as Shopify Scripts, that can offer more sophisticated discounting, promotions, and overall shopping experiences.
  6. B2B Needs: If you're entering or expanding in the B2B segment, Shopify Plus offers a Wholesale channel that can accommodate the distinct requirements of wholesale business.
  7. Performance and Security: As you scale, ensuring website uptime and security becomes more critical. Shopify Plus offers a more robust infrastructure, ensuring 99.99% uptime and Level 1 PCI DSS compliance.
  8. Dedicated Support: If you find that you need more specialized, immediate support and a dedicated account manager to understand and cater to your unique needs, Shopify Plus provides this level of support.
  9. Cost Efficiency: If your transaction fees on a lower-tier Shopify plan or another platform are becoming a significant expense, you might find cost savings with Shopify Plus's pricing structure, especially given the added features and benefits.
  10. Current Platform Limitations: If you frequently find yourself saying, "I wish our platform could do X," it might be time to look at a more robust solution.

Before making a decision, it's essential to conduct a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis.

You can caluclate any Shopify Plan Pricing with numbers from your own online store using this calculator: Link

Consider the added costs of migration, including potential downtime, data migration challenges, and the need for retraining staff, against the benefits that Shopify Plus offers. Consulting with a Shopify expert or partner can also provide insights tailored to your specific situation.


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