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On November 24th, online store owners will become the world's luckiest product sellers. Get expert tips on running promos and email/SMS campaigns to drive sales during the biggest shopping days of the year. Guide by ECORN

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On November 24th, online store owners will become the world's luckiest product sellers.

You see, your store won't be demolished. Your doors don't require security. A flash mob isn't going to break any of your merchandise. Additionally, you won't have to clean up after a wild shopping frenzy. However, you really must declutter your inventory!

Therefore, you can make a lot of money in November and have a big pot of gold to treat your loved ones to luxury over the Christmas season. Everyone is very busy at BFCM and we have prepared last-minute recommendations for Black Friday sequences and Backdoor Sales.

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BTW There are numerous templates in this post 👀

Average eCom founder during BFCM

The Pulse

The One Word that Increases Email Click Rates by Up to 32%

This term also raises open rates by up to 23%. And it lowered unsubscribes by up to 17% for other brands, according to Ariyh who evaluated the Stanford findings. Whether or whether we pay attention determines whether marketing is successful. And what term is it that we focus on the most? Our moniker. To enhance opens and clicks on your emails, include the [FNAME] tag.

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The Deep Dive

Black Friday Sale GIF by NBC on Giphy Capture

Friday Shopping Frenzy in Your Store on the 24th

On the 24th, unleash a Black Friday shopping frenzy within your Shopify store. Here’s a reminder of the promo framework.

And don't forget to look at our template for BFCM Holiday Activation list of promos

Utilizing the 23rd as a "day for giving," we begin Phase 2. One of your special gifts will be given to your customers while they are seated at their dinner table, ready to devour their turkey. A "Thanks Giving Day" pre-Black Friday deal. Forward this to all of your subscribers, active and inactive.

💡 Pro tip! use the following angle in your messaging: “Some stock will likely be cleaned out starting tomorrow, so jump the queue and snag your favorites!”

Recall that the designers of this promotional structure are ecommerce industry veterans with over $400 million in sales. That level cannot be reached without extensive testing and data. And they figured out when a BCM promotion should be sent.

The instantaneous email and SMS sales bonanza:

  • 20th-23rd Thanksgiving teasers and discount
  • 24th Black Friday sale: 8 am, 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 5 pm, and 8 pm
  • 24th-26th Black Friday sale extension and Cyber Monday prep
  • 27th Cyber Monday sale: 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm, 8 pm

You can copy the full promo schedule here (make a copy of this doc.) You can write your emails and SMS after you have your schedule.

The Emails and SMS Messages that Will Unleash Black Friday Madness in Your Store

SMS Example

“Hey, <NAME>, Black Friday starts NOW! Enjoy up to 30% off (TODAY ONLY!) on best sellers & new items <LINK> Reply STOP to opt-out.”

A few ways to maximize SMS clicks:

  • DON’T send before 8 am or after 9 pm
  • No more than 160 characters
  • Personalize if you can
  • Try branded links
  • Use time limits

Email Example

A few ways to maximize email clicks:

  • Send emails based on location to hit prime times
  • Use a few high-quality, mobile-optimized photos
  • Don’t hold back on your brand’s personality!
  • Use strong adjectives in subject lines
  • Include 2-3 eye-catching CTAs
  • Keep the email short

💡 Pro tip! The busiest day for emails is Black Friday, so use unique emojis to make your message stand out.

Whats next after Black Friday Promo?

How to Ride the  BFCM Wave and Flush Out Your Inventory

As you can see above, consumers have taken a cautious step up in spending. Which means they’re pensively opening their wallets. They’re going to spend cautiously. You need a way to take advantage of that optimism.

The promo schedule 👇️

Backdoor Sale Reminders 3.2.1…

At 10 a.m. the day after the CEO letter, send the first reminder about the backdoor sale.

How to do this email:

☝️ Give a reason for doing the reduction e.g. “We know it’s easy to forget some items. We don’t want you to wait another year to get these discounts, so we’re extending the discount for the “I forgot to get...” customers so you don’t miss out!”

📦 Apply the reduction to selected products

🏃 Use a proactive CTA e.g. “Your backdoor discount has been activated on our store.”

📸 Include high-quality, mobile-optimized photos of your most-visited products over the BFCM weekend

⭐ Include reviews specific to the products in the photos

And don’t forget the “PUSH THIS BIG COLORFUL BUTTON” CTA 👉 🔴

For the next emails, keep them short. Go hard for the sale by playing on the scarcity of the deals (“Almost gone...” “Expires soon!”). Send to all active subscribers, but exclude those who’ve purchased within the past 5 days.

💡 Pro tip! It’s bad taste to send promotions on Giving Tuesday (28th). If your brand donates to a charity, this will be a good day to ask for customer donations.

So if you follow all the steps and use your customer base properly there is no way you will be upset after BFCM. I hope today's post was useful!

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