15 DTC people to follow on Twitter

Discover the top 15 DTC professionals on Twitter for your daily dose of business strategies, growth hacks, and insights. Expand your knowledge base by following these industry leaders who share provocative discussions, success stories, and insightful A/B test results.

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Twitter in the DTC community it’s a knowledge bank, a forum, and a “community”. The rock stars behind the popular and loved brands, agencies, and SaaS businesses provide advice and insights and occasionally elicit discussion by posing provocative questions. Here is a list of 15 DTC people you should follow on Twitter because it may be daunting, especially when it comes to choosing who to follow.

1. Joanne Coffey (@itsJoanneCoffey)

One of our favorite retention marketing professionals is the first on this list. At Jones Road Beauty, Joanne manages email and SMS. Joanne's efforts and contributions to Twitter, particularly her insights on A/B test results and effective SMS marketing might leave you in awe. We appreciate hearing her identify strategies she's utilized so you can try them, from campaigns to flows, and how she segments them. A bonus is seeing how inventive she is using Klaviyo and client information.

2. Ron Shah (@obviceo)

Ron is the CEO and co-founder of Obvi, the well-known collagen protein company with eye-catching pink branding. In under 3 years, he and his co-founders fully bootstrapped the brand to $30 million in revenue. You can check his Twitter to find out his recipe for success. Ron is the company's statistics expert, and on Twitter, he discusses the business's financial aspects, including how it could grow and how it was possible to fund all of the advertising, R&D, and holiday expenses. He is the antithesis of a gatekeeper, and we could use some of his insight into this economy.

3. Ash Melwani (@ashvinmelwani)

Ash was named Growth Marketer of the Year at Repeat's CPAs. Ash is one-third of the Obvi kings and co-founders. Several factors contributed to his deserving award, but nobody does Twitter threads better than he does. Ash promotes constructive discussions on Twitter as well. He asks others to contribute their learnings and freely divulges the ideas behind the A/B tests he does.

4. Nik Sharma (@mrsharma)

Nik Sharma is one of the most obvious accounts you should follow on Twitter. There is a good reason he is referred to as "the DTC guy." His extensive knowledge base includes topics such as brand launch, growth, and retention. Although you'll see a lot of his own advice and brand launches, I appreciate how he also tweets and shares information that he finds useful from other sources. Beyond Twitter, Nik co-hosts the podcast Limited Supply with Moiz Ali. Each week, he uses Twitter to solicit listeners’ questions about the show's guests. Every Sunday, Nik also publishes a newsletter that is the ideal cure for the Sunday frights. He goes above and beyond and shares it with us.

5. Maggie Sellers (@thehiddenmes)

She is an authority on how to use well-known people to elevate a business and how to make a celebrity or influencer truly interested in the product or service. She has a well-known TikTok account where she shares insights into the life of a venture capitalist aside from Twitter.

6. Gina Perrelli (@ginaperrelli)

Gina is one of the fiercest female founders, CEOs, and leaders in the DTC industry. She is the CEO and co-founder of Retextion, a subscription app and retention tool, as well as a co-founder of Lunar Solar Group, a digital marketing agency. If you don't know her, you're missing out big time. She is a retention specialist, and she will share this on Twitter in the form of stunning emails sent by her CRM team, as well as examples of how brands have used Retextion to reduce churn and maintain high retention. She also provides some pretty credible information, such as how Chick-fil-A for lunch and wearing high socks and leggings boosts her productivity.

7. Eli Weiss (@eliweiss)

We enjoy reading Eli's open tweets on life in general, the value of CX, and how to crush it. Additionally, he publishes a fantastic CX email every week that we encourage signing up for, especially if you're not in CX.

8. Andrew Youderian (@youderian)

You can only imagine all the lessons Andrew has picked up from this community of rockstar entrepreneurs as he is the founder of eCommerceFuel, a secret, vetted network of business owners making seven figures or more. Andrew covers all the bases when it comes to ads, CPAs, catalogs, and shipping. Whether the knowledge is his own or comes from someone else on Twitter, he generously offers it.

9. Bari Rosenstein (@basicallybari)

Bari is a former Coca-Cola employee who now oversees social media for Auntie Anne's and Jamba Juice, two popular mall eateries. On Bari's Twitter, you get the wonderful personality behind these firms' social media accounts. On DTC Twitter, Bari provides us with excellent fit photos, recipes, and details about her day that we can all utilize to break up the constant store banter. She will also share the outcomes and insights of her amazing work with us. Following SMMs (social media managers) on social media only makes sense.

10. Kendall Dickieson (@flexiblefoodie)

Kendall is on a quest to prove to brands that influencer and organic social media marketing are still viable. She refers to herself as a grocery store snob and has been gushing over companies like Graza, which is undoubtedly currently in your kitchen. Follow Kendall on social media if you want to interact with her (and Nik), and you might get invited to a Rumble class.

We also recommend not bypassing these experts in DTC:

11. Sarah (@SarahLevinger)

Sarah helps DTC brands increase ROI with psychology-based creative. She is brand performance consultant and director of growth marketing.

12. oliverb (@oliver__b1)

Oliver does Email marketing for the chocolate brand.

13. Chase Dimond | Email Marketing Nerd (@ecomchasedimond)

Chase has driven $100+ million in email revenue for clients. He sends his email secrets weekly.

14. Jackson Blackledge | The Google Ads Aussie (@blvckledge)

Jackson runs eCommerce brands With Google Ads, Tabs, Fighthause, Foundr, Cloudsharks, Neptune Gum, Jack Henry, Bleame, and Hakai Culture.

15. Daniil Andreev (@0Gdao)

Daniil is chief at @ecornagency and Founder EasyTry and TBA. He writes about DTC eCommerce, AI, and Creators Economy.


Twitter marketing may be somewhat difficult. You shouldn't let it stop you from utilizing it, though. Twitter has the power to completely alter your current business situation. Maintaining your consistency streak is no longer difficult thanks to Twitter's marketing tools. Although there are many possibilities, it is your obligation to pick the one that best suits your needs.


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