GA4 Migration - Why It’s so important

From July 1, 2023, classic Google Analytics will stop processing data. Shift to GA4 to maintain your ad efficiency tracking, visitor behavior analysis, SEO results tracking, and e-commerce benefits. Enjoy user-focused analytics, raw data import to BigQuery, event-based conversions, and advanced privacy features. Contact us now for GA4 setup assistance.

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Classic Google Analytics will stop processing data as of July 1, 2023. If you want to access data gathering already on the new resource, upgrade to Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible in every online business search by July.

Why go to GA4:

  • Track the effectiveness of advertising. Every owner of a website or app constantly tracks their advertising investment. You can continue to use that option if you switch to the new analytics.
  • Analyze the behavior of visitors to your site. When you want to improve your website's operation to boost conversions, this data will be helpful.
  • Keep track of the impact of SEO marketing. Organic promotion in search engines is the cheapest source of attracting users to the site, therefore it is very popular. You must set up analytics to keep tabs on its performance.
  • To take full advantage of eCommerce and the benefits of Google AdWords. You have to send product and audience data from the website to the advertising account for you to set up Google advertising successfully. And Google Analytics 4 will help you with this.

It is important to note that from July 1, classic analytics will stop working and will not collect new data. You will have access to previous data up until the end of the year, but you must use Google Analytics 4 to gather new data.

GA4 key differences:

  • In the new analytics, Google has changed the data tracking model - abandoned sessions and hits and focused on the user, so he consolidated all analytics around events.
  • Quick import of raw data into BigQuery is available.
  • Instead of goals - conversions are created based on events.
  • There is no conversion rate in standard reports. It can be configured in custom reports.
  • Privacy, IP anonymization (configured by default), free integration with YouTube, and more.

Get help setting up Google Analytics 4 for your site right now and our team will update you on GA4 tomorrow.


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