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TikTok is worth considering if you're working on a social media strategy today. With TikTok expected to have 2.2 billion users by 2027 and short-form video providing the highest return on investment, it is just as potent as other "big" platforms.

In the world of TikTok, genuine content reigns supreme. Users prefer TikTok videos that are authentic and interesting over highly curated ones, which are what marketers generally create for social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Continue reading to understand how to integrate TikTok marketing into your brand's entire strategy, read about platform best practices, and get inspired by leading companies now utilizing TikTok for marketing.

What is TikTok marketing?

TikTok marketing is the process of going out to users of TikTok to promote a company, products, and/or services. TikTok influencers are frequently used in advertising campaigns, along with trend-driven organic content creation and the use of popular hashtags.

10 TikTok marketing tips

It is now time to put your approach into action. When generating and posting your marketing material on TikTok, keep in mind these best practices and suggestions.

1. Be authentic

Three people in pastel suits hug in a queue. Being genuine and making your material stand out on TikTok is crucial given the volume of other stuff there. You shouldn't post videos that sound like sales pitches because that isn't why people use TikTok. Users of TikTok want to be informed or entertained, not marketed to.

Spend some time on TikTok before you begin your marketing initiatives. Once the algorithm learns what you enjoy, it will show you high-quality content that you may find motivating, and that will help you come up with more creative ideas for your films.

2. Go live

TikTok screen demo showing the location of the Live button. Utilizing TikTok's LIVE function, which enables artists to directly communicate with followers through a live stream, is one approach to establishing a personal connection with your audience. One of the best ways to stand out on TikTok is to go live.

Your stream will be pinned to the top of your followers' For You page, and the app will notify them that you've begun livestreaming. This real estate is priceless given the platform's current millions of creators. The going-live option is highly promoted by TikTok, and it's surprisingly simple to use.

3. Get the gear

A woman uses a tripod and ring light to perform a mobile video. Direct video recording from the TikTok app on a smartphone is preferred. Numerous lighting and beauty filter settings are available in-app, which can compensate for poor lighting or a fancy background.

While you can shoot TikTok videos with more advanced equipment and editing software, the results aren't always worth the time investment.

4. Keep it simple

An entire book cannot be condensed into a tweet, nor can an entire film be condensed into a TikTok. Your videos should be succinct and to the point to keep the content digestible.

Keep your films to 15 seconds for high-level content, and mix with 60-second deep dives for more in-depth explanations. You are free to divide a particularly significant topic into several 15-second videos to maximize audience and replay value.

5. Connect in the comments

Although TikTok's discovery algorithm does a fantastic job of putting your video in front of potential fans, the fight is far from done. It's your responsibility to draw someone in after the algorithm has captured their attention.

TikTok comments are a fantastic forum for discourse, explanation, and communication. Jump into the comments as often as you can to engage with your audience. Additionally, you can "like" remarks you want to acknowledge but don't need to reply in writing.

6. Master the trends

A young woman lies down with her head resting on a pal and takes a selfie. Look through TikTok's Discover page before publishing material to see if you can create content that fits with the current trends or hashtag challenges. This will satisfy TikTok's algorithm and increase the amount of followers you have.

While we don't advise utilizing these hashtags if your video is completely off-topic, it may be a wonderful way to see what's popular on the platform and provide you with inspiration for how to improve your content strategy.

7. Consider accessibility and legibility

There's a good reason why popular TikTok makers bake titles into the beginning of their films. If you're scrolling through their profile, it's simple to get a sneak peek of what's to come. To help visitors find the content they might be interested in and increase viewership, you can use colored titles to help categorize your videos.

Make sure the titles are in the center because TikTok's user interface will be superimposed on the bottom and right sides of your screen. Because every type of phone has a distinct aspect ratio, keeping key material away from the edges can be helpful so that everyone can see it.

8. Take advantage of features

The popular TikTok updates include animated GIF stickers, titles, and new filters. TikTok is constantly releasing new features. You may concentrate on using these new tools to keep your feed looking fresh for your audience while the algorithm's identity is kept a secret.

9. Post consistently

To take a selfie, a woman sets up a camera and ring light. Many creators have seen incredible success by adhering to a regular schedule. We advise uploading once or twice daily and going live a few times each week. Without bombarding your audience with too many videos, this rhythm maintains your material relevant and fresh.

10. Join creator groups

Many Facebook groups are populated by creatives who want to advance their TikTok game. Look at your preferences, then join a creative community. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals is a terrific way to get inspired in the upcoming weeks and months, develop a sense of accountability, and discover inspiration.

Start by looking at TikTok Creators, TikTok Creators Support, or TikTok For Beginners before drilling down into your area of interest. Find a marketing or business strategy TikTok group if you own a business. To join groups like this as a comedian, search online.

Now is the time to create your own TikTok marketing strategy

The fundamentals of marketing and brand building on TikTok remain constant: aim for authenticity, regular posting, active community management, and quality posts. While TikTok has grown louder over time and the algorithm is always changing.

The hardest aspect of eCommerce, just like with social media marketing for your company, is getting started. You'll be astonished by how quickly your followers will convert to fans—and eventually buyers—in the TikTok community.


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