Best DTC & eCom Creators (200+)

Looking for the best DTC & eCom creators to follow? Check out our directory of over 200 content creators in podcasts, Twitter, newsletters, YouTube, and blogs. Switch to direct-to-consumer models and eliminate the intermediaries, increase client satisfaction, and attract more visitors to your website.

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Direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing is when a company sells its products directly to customers. The DTC retail concept entails selling products independently from wholesalers or other retailers. As companies switch to direct-to-consumer (DTC) business models, they eliminate the wholesalers and retail store intermediaries and sell directly to the consumer.

Here’s a directory that would be helpful if you plan to work with DTC. ECORN Agency collected it.

There are some example sources from the list:


Podcasts are a modern and convenient way to receive news and get expert information in any field. Therefore, we recommend you the following podcasts:

  1. 2X eCommerce Podcast
  2. Add Creative
  3. After The Buy Button
  4. And Then This Happened
  5. Builders Build
  6. Built to Scale Ecommerce Show
  7. CART
  8. Chew On This - Digestible DTC Content
  9. Commerce Connect Podcast
  10. Commerce Tea

X (Twitter)

X (Twitter)has long established itself as a platform where you can not only communicate for the sake of entertainment. On Twitter, you can find answers to various difficult questions on the subject of DTC.

  1. Aaron Orendorff
  2. Alex Cattoni
  3. Carl Weische
  4. Cory Dobbin
  5. Moiz Ali
  6. Oddit
  7. Patrick Coddou
  8. Ron Shah
  9. Taylor Holiday
  10. Zach Stuck


Sending letters to the mail is still effective and convenient, so we advise you to subscribe:

  1. Whale Mail
  2. eCommerce & Unicorns 🦄
  3. 2PM: Analyzing Commerce X Media
  4. Amazon Insiders
  5. Chase Dimond Newsletter
  6. Chew On This
  7. Shopifreaks


It is hard to argue that YouTube has become one of the largest channels where you can find expert answers and understand the problem in detail. Recommended channels:

  1. Acquisitions Anonymous Podcast
  2. Adtopsy from FireTeam
  3. DTC Drive | Building Thriving DTC Ecommerce Stores
  4. Ecommerce Townhall
  5. Modern Commerce


Finally, another way to dive deep into the DTC topic is to read expert blogs where they share their findings and life hacks.

  1. DTC Dive
  2. ECORN Agency Blog
  3. Shop Circle Blog
  4. Workspace6 Blog

Without question, there are benefits to selling directly to customers. Selling to wholesalers doesn't require you to give up profit margins or pay big-box retailers a hefty cut. Additionally, you increase client satisfaction and attract more visitors to your website. So check the complete list of DTC materials here.


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