How to setup TikTok Shop

Discover the power of TikTok Shop in 2024: Learn how to leverage TikTok's built-in commerce features to transform your followers into customers. Gain insights on setting up your shop, exploring shoppable videos, live shopping, and more. Tap into the burgeoning social commerce market and drive sales with this comprehensive guide.

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Where do you go first when you want to shop online or look for product recommendations? Although many people start with Google, more and more users are using their preferred social media apps. Above all of them is TikTok. According to the social media network, as of June 2023, the widely used hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has received over 59.8 billion views.

In addition to being a powerful product recommender, a search engine, and a place to get inspiration and new information, TikTok has evolved into a place where companies can reach out to customers directly. TikTok's native shopping tools and e-commerce connections allow firms to sell directly on the network, and the site has seen a rise in popularity as brands try to ease the fan-to-customer transition.

Use these tools to connect with TikTok users and potential customers by learning how to add the social commerce channel and register for TikTok Shop.

What is TikTok Shop?

TikTok Shop is the social media app’s built-in commerce solution for sellers, creators, and affiliates. It gives TikTok business account holders the ability to sell straight on the platform through features like shoppable videos and live shopping.

What are the benefits of TikTok Shop?

By providing shopping choices directly on the platform, TikTok Shop removes the need for an additional step in the conversion process from TikTok fans to customers. TikTok is quickly becoming the go-to platform for product discovery, particularly among millennial Gen Z and Gen Alpha customers. As a result, marketers stand to gain by appearing in search results and providing easy TikTok purchase choices.

Brands can effortlessly incorporate products into engaging videos and other content by utilizing TikTok Shop and other retail integrations. You can still access shopping functionality through specific integrations, like the TikTok app for Shopify, even if your location prevents you from using TikTok Shop.

In addition to your online store, TikTok Shop adds another touchpoint to your repertoire of sales channels, catering to the online shopping habits of your prospective clients. Additional advantages consist of:

  • Broadcasting to a wide demographic of potential shoppers
  • Partnering with trusted creators and using influencer marketing to increase authenticity
  • Creatively positioning your products in entertaining content
  • Creating a personalized shopping experience based on TikTok user behavior
  • Benefitting from the virality of TikTok trends and hashtag challenges

Who is eligible for TikTok shopping?

There are certain markets where TikTok Shop is accessible, such as the US, UK, and China. For eligible nations and areas, check TikTok's most recent information. TikTok Shop is divided into four categories, each of which has distinct needs for the types of commerce users it serves. These categories include:

  • Sellers
  • Creators
  • Partners
  • Affiliates

All you have to do to open a seller account is be a resident of one of the supported nations and present identification, proof of residency, and a business license. Additional requirements for creator accounts include minimum follower counts. This article's content will be oriented towards merchants, who make up the majority of TikTok Shop users.

5 ways users can shop your products in the TikTok app

For those who want to purchase goods straight from their preferred TikTok merchants, there are lots of possibilities for purchasing on the platform.

1. Live shopping on TikTok

When your business goes online, it's a fantastic chance to provide real-time product demos and answers to inquiries, inspiring followers to buy your products straight from the app. The user has the option to check out immediately or after the broadcast, and they can add items to their cart throughout the live stream.

2. Shoppable videos

Videos that have shoppable links on TikTok let viewers purchase goods without ever leaving the video.

3. Product Showcase

Users may access a little storefront on their TikTok account by tapping the shopping tab, often known as the bag symbol, and check out with only a few taps. Some accounts might not have a TikTok Shop but still have a product showcase. Usually, these are affiliate accounts; the brands or goods being sold are not owned by them.

4. Shoppable ads (powered by Shopify)

With the TikTok App for Shopify, brands that aren't qualified for TikTok Shop can still benefit from TikTok shopping. You may connect your product catalog, make inventive movies with products, and make TikTok marketing campaigns by downloading the TikTok Shopify app. To make it simple for people to shop for your products, tag products in your post.

5. Shopping Center tab (limited markets)

TikTok unveiled the Shopping Centre tab, their marketplace solution, in 2023. Users of TikTok are brought to a single location where they can peruse merchandise from various creators in various categories by touching the icon. Please take note that only a few markets, notably Malaysia and the Philippines, presently have access to this feature.

How to set up TikTok Shop

To set up and activate online purchasing options on your TikTok Shop seller account, if you meet the eligibility requirements based on factors like location, below are some easy steps to follow.

1. Create a business account on TikTok

Establishing a business account is easy and cost-free. Only completing this step will grant you access to services like the TikTok Ads Manager and comprehensive analytics that are not available to other users.

2. Register for TikTok Shop

Go to the seller registration page and complete the online form. Upload the necessary files, which should include your ID, residency documentation, and evidence of business ownership.

3. Wait for the results

Within a day or two of submitting your application, you will receive an email with the results. You will be able to utilize TikTok's shopping capabilities after being approved.

4. Link your account and get selling

To begin selling on TikTok, link your account to your TikTok shop. Adding products and promoting your shop in your bio and content is now possible.

How to sell on TikTok with Shopify

You might still be able to profit from TikTok shopping and generate revenue through your content and video marketing even if your company isn't qualified for TikTok Shop due to geographical restrictions.

If your area allows the TikTok connection, proceed with the following steps for your Shopify store:

  • Set up a Shopify store and create your website.
  • Create a TikTok business account.
  • Install the TikTok for Shopify app from the Shopify App Store.
  • Connect TikTok to your Shopify store within the app.
  • Start creating ad campaigns using product photos and videos.

Shopify retailers can handle inventory, sales, and advertising across platforms in one location thanks to the TikTok integration.

TikTok shopping best practices

Once your business is set up with shopping features on TikTok, there are a few tips to make the most of selling on TikTok.

Think like a creator, not a brand

Every social media site has its content formats and trends that are most effective for certain audiences. Ignoring the material that performs best on other platforms and transferring your strategy to TikTok is a mistake. In TikTok, genuineness triumphs.

Aim for original material that incorporates popular TikTok tunes, gives followers an inside look at machinery, capitalizes on hot topics in pop culture, or provides them with useful information. Any kind of content that can naturally include items will always outperform a straight sales presentation.

Partner with creators and influencers

Brands are fighting to collaborate with the hottest self-made online celebrities and influencers who want to cash in on their success. This is known as influencer marketing, and it's a massive industry. For brands of all sizes, even those with tighter budgets, this mutually beneficial alliance is an excellent choice. Indeed, according to 72% of survey participants, regular content creators are more fascinating than celebrities, according to TikTok's research.

Influencer marketing lends legitimacy to your company and products because TikTok users frequently seek advice from their favorite creators.

Make the most of social commerce with TikTok Shop

Sales of social commerce are expected to reach $79.6 billion in the US alone by 2025, as the industry is growing rapidly. Don't ignore this consumer trend; add shoppable features to your TikTok account to begin drawing in customers right now.

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