Post-holiday Playbook by TikTok 2023 Q5

Discover how Q5, a crucial period for marketers, offers unique growth opportunities on platforms like TikTok. Learn about effective strategies for extending holiday sales, leveraging TikTok Ads, and utilizing performance measurement solutions to maximize your brand's impact in 2024.

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What is Q5?

Q5 is a small but mighty period that creates growth opportunities for marketers. With fewer competitors in the post-holiday auction, it's also an affordable way to meet year-end objectives.

Why Does Q5 Marketing Matter on TikTok?

Q5 is a good moment for marketers to consider extending holiday sales and/or utilizing TikTok Ads to start establishing their brand for 2024, as engagement and purchase intent are still high.

Activating on TikTok is Easy: Choose Your Q5 Adventure

1: Convert Q4 Presenting into Q5 Buying To position your brand for success in 2024, begin testing and learning about it early in your Q1 campaigns.

To take full advantage of the Christmas specials, shopping, and even returns, extend your campaign!

2: Fire Q5 to Take Off in Q1

To position your brand for success in 2024, begin testing and learning about it early in your Q1 campaigns.

3: Place Q5 in your hand's palm.

For successful performance campaigns in Q5, capitalize on the rise in mobile and app usage.

Choose the Right Measurement Solution Before Launching Your Campaign

Apply the lessons you learned in Q5 by reviewing the performance of your Q4 and Christmas commercials with our measuring solutions!

  • Attribution Analytics. To decide on a future measurement plan, get insights beyond the existing attribution settings.
  • Post Purchase Survey. To find out the best places to visit or discover a brand, speak with people directly.
  • Conversion Lift Study. Ascertain the number of conversions that your TikTok advertisement directly caused.
  • Brand Lift Study. Check out how well your Q5 advertisements raised intent, perception, awareness, and more.

Strategy 1: Turn Q4 Gifting into Q5 Shopping

Maximize the Effect of Your Holiday Promotion to Increase Sales Q5 is just one of the billions of TikTok users who visit our platform throughout the year to get ideas for their next purchase. The constant basis for increasing post-holiday sales is Video Shopping Ads. Additionally, you're reaching a group of buyers with high intent by encouraging purchases following a significant gift-giving season.

Note: For non-catalog advertisers, sub Web Conversion for VSA

Strategy 2: Ignite Q5 to Soar in Q1

To Create Effective Branding Campaigns, Test and Learn On TikTok, a new year brings with it fresh interaction, audiences, products, and festivities. Make the most of Q5 by using a test-and-learn strategy to boost your video spend before the Q1 hype. You can determine what truly works by utilizing our array of measurement goods along with TikTok Ad solutions. Thus, why not take the lead?

Strategy 3: Put Q5 in the Palm of Your Hand

Take advantage of the Q5 performance window for your TikTok mobile app. Q5 is a significant period when customers unveil new gadgets and technology, including tablets and phones. Q5 on TikTok, when paired with a high level of customer attention, can unlock users who are primed and prepared to connect with and download your apps. Furthermore, less competition in the auction provides an affordable path to meeting Q5's end-of-year performance targets.

Get your Creative in TikTok-Shape

Building creative in Q5 doesn't require anything new—just recut! From timeless material that stays true to your brand to creative from your holiday ad that deserves more screen time!

Recutting your current work increases relevancy, credibility, and trust.

  • 79% of TikTok viewers say that brands are more credible when they repurpose their creative
  • 72% of TikTok viewers say that the brand is more personally relevant when they repurpose their creative
  • 80% of TikTok viewers trust the brand more when they repurpose creative

Put your spin on trends in Q5 to keep audiences entertained

What's Trending in Q5: To maintain the festive spirit, find ideas for the upcoming year, and take stock of another year gone by, consumers are resorting to their phones.

2023 Wrapped x CapCut

Every month at the end, the community enjoys using CapCut to piece together their best memories. We anticipate even more creativity and traffic on CapCut as users look for simple, approachable, and enjoyable ways to look back on 2023 with treasured images and videos.

Conclusion for Brands

Use CapCut's simple editing capabilities to convey the story of your brand all year long. templated originally on TikTok. Flaunt significant anniversaries, occasions, and more!

Reality Checking

Decisions Customers no longer believe that social norms and strict deadlines accompany New Year's resolutions. For them, the concept of "new year, new me" focuses more on setting and achieving individual objectives on their timetables, drawing inspiration from the creators and communities they identify with.

Conclusion for Brands

Work with creators to select resolutions that are appropriate for their community of devoted followers rather than using the same one for your whole New Year's campaign.

Post-Purchase For You

Customers still find personalization to be popular since it gives them an advantage over others in terms of distinguishing their look. Retailers have a chance in Q5 to promote personalization to strengthen relationships and client loyalty.

Conclusion for Brands

Thinks about how to provide special customization or access chances to maintain a connection with customers after their original purchase. Consider personalized jewelry charms, in-game character unlocks, and more.

Listening to Lists

Lists have always been a mainstay of EOY, covering everything from what we're carrying with us into 2024 to what we're leaving behind in 2023. On TikTok, however, these lists aren't final; rather, they're subjects of conversation as users share and discuss their lists in real-time.

Conclusion for Brands

Put the spotlight on your best-selling and most cherished presents of the year in Q5. To encourage sales, remind your audience of goods they need more of or neglected to put on their wish lists.


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