Email Marketing for eCommerce: How to Klaviyo

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Klaviyo is a cloud-based solution for creating and running email marketing campaigns. The service's key features include integration with business platforms, the ability to segment the audience, and detailed reporting on campaigns.

Klaviyo provides companies with a set of tools to create and send email chains to the right audience. These may include customers who have made a purchase, customers who have responded to past emails, and other behavioral factors. Thanks to the ability to integrate with various business platforms (e-commerce, marketing tools, payment systems, and others), users can receive and organize data about campaigns and customers.

Klaviyo allows users to receive analytics on a dashboard. Analytics can include automatic audience segmentation, campaign performance evaluation by indicators, key user queries about a product or service, their behavior, and more. Analytics will help the company find inaccuracies in marketing activities and increase their effectiveness.

Key Features:

• A/B testing.

• Conducting comparative analysis.

• Letter constructor.

• Carrying out campaigns using SMS messages and social networks.

• Tracking user activity on the site.

• Audience segmentation.

• ROI-based reporting.

Follow the next tips of klaviyo experts for e-mail marketing 

1. Welcome Flow(s)

When a customer first sees your website, a pop-up grabs their attention and requests their email address in exchange for an incentive (say, 10% off their first purchase). By actively gathering information from new subscribers, this flow will grow your email list and encourage visitors to make their first purchase from your shop.

2. Abandoned Cart Flow

Approximately 70–80% of customers at eCommerce stores leave their carts empty and never proceed to checkout. You are painfully leaving this much money on the table in missed revenue. A flow of abandoned carts is built up to encourage customers to finish the checkout and provide incentives for them to make a purchase. If you have permission to double up on your reminders on both channels during the checkout process, you can also combine abandoned cart emails with SMS reminders.

3. Post-Purchase Upsell

When done effectively, the post-purchase upsell/cross-sell can boost your revenue by 1–3%. This can seem like a modest sum, but over time, it adds enough to significantly impact most firms year after year. Simply choose a pertinent offer that you think will appeal to first-time customers and set up an email autoresponder to target them after the sale.

4. Fulfilled Order Flow (first-time buyers)

This is an extension of the post-purchase upsell, but the objective is to help clients leave the feeling of buyer's remorse as soon as possible and instead provide them a great onboarding experience that makes them eager to acquire the goods and have a good experience using it.

• Concepts to include in this flow:

• Eliminate buyers remorse

• Order delivery updates

• Product education

• Review request

• Customer-support check-in

• Migrate to social media

5.  Browse Abandonment Flow

The Browse Abandonment Flow email(s) will be sent out if someone on your list visits the website again to look at a product to stimulate their interest to make another purchase. When configured properly, the Browse Abandonment Flow is a fantastic income generator, but due to Klaviyo's default settings, it runs the risk of giving users a bad user experience.

6. Customer Winback Flow

For customers who are about to churn, the Customer Winback Flow is primarily designed for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands. Analyzing your past order data to determine when consumers often leave the purchase lifecycle will help you build up this flow in the best way possible. This is usually the default flow option for most brands that fall into this category because the average shelf life of consumable goods is between 60 and 90 days. Even while this flow may not be relevant to you if you sell more things as one-time purchases, I still advise setting it up to relieve the burden of sending out manual campaigns because even for less commonly purchased items, customers can return to buy gifts for family and friends, etc.

One of the Klaviyo partners is Shopify. You can use it for email marketing with Shopify. Sync all your Shopify data to get the full story on every customer that visits—what makes them click, what makes them bounce, and what makes them buy. No more guessing

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