Shopify Winter Editions 24

Explore Shopify's Winter '24 Edition, packed with foundational enhancements for entrepreneurs. Featuring over 100 updates including product merchandising, semantic search, and enhanced checkout experiences, Shopify empowers businesses and developers with data models, APIs, and a high-performance infrastructure for realizing visionary commerce solutions.

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The new Shopify Winter 24 edition is all about foundations. Forming a business is similar to building a home. The decisions you make are what define the residence as your own.

Because of this, Shopify consistently emphasizes that providing solid foundations is the most crucial thing they can do to support entrepreneurs in creating the exact vision they have in mind and utilizing strong building elements like data models, business logic APIs, and high-performance infrastructure to help them realize their business ideas.

In this edition, Shopify shares capabilities that improve commerce foundations and deliver on the various demands of the businesses and developers who rely on Shopify daily. There are more than 100 new updates, we share some of them.



Powering more complex products and attributes

Shopify's most significant product model upgrade in more than ten years enhanced the way all products — even the most complicated — are listed and found on the platform. A new product taxonomy, a new tool for retailing goods that come in a variety of colors and styles, and more.

Shopify Combined Listings

Using the Combined Listings app, products with many color or style variations can all be merchandised from a single parent listing, with each variant having its own media gallery, URL, and description. only available on Shopify Plus.

Rich attributes for each product category

Our updated taxonomy makes it simpler to create, categorize, and arrange products as well as automatically produce variants by mapping each common product category to a wide range of related attributes.


Smarter search that better understands a customer’s intent

One of the newest AI-powered storefront search capabilities, Semantic Search, goes beyond keyword matching to comprehend a customer's search intent more thoroughly. Consumers can obtain richer, more relevant results by using more natural words and phrases. only available on Shopify Plus.


Shopify Subscriptions app now in full release

Using a new, free subscription app, offer y products as subscriptions to increase customer lifetime value and predictable revenue. Give your consumers the ability to change or pause subscription purchases straight from their Shopify account, and set up and manage subscriptions with ease using the admin panel instead.

Bundles of up to 30 products

The maximum quantity of products you can offer in a bundle has been raised from 10 to 30. Shopify's bundle offering is now available to merchants using Shopify Scripts, allowing them to enhance average order value.

Draft orders support discounts and meta fields

Discounts can be combined in draft orders, automatically applied, and supported by codes to increase sales. You can now use the metafields from your draft orders in your finished orders.

New types of discounts to entice buyers

Use innovative discount formats to increase conversion rates, such as fixed-amount off Buy X, receive Y deals, and free automated delivery. Additionally, the cart view will show buyers just how much they have saved.


Extend the world's best checkout with more APIs and features

The trick to creating the online checkout that converts the highest is to use Checkout Extensibility. With 14 new APIs and UI elements, it is now much more potent and supported on the Thank You and Order Status pages. only available on Shopify Plus.

Upgrade from checkout.liquid now, get started with your personalized customizations report.

New one-page design that makes checkout faster

Our new, streamlined one-page checkout reduces buyer completion times by 4 seconds, and infrastructure upgrades have sped up checkout loading speeds by up to 95%.

Monos improves their checkout with Checkout Extensibility

Checkout Extensibility was adopted by luxury luggage maker Monos because it expedited checkout, increased upsell possibility, and was easier to handle across many locations.

90+ new apps to elevate your checkout experience

You may customize your checkout experience thanks to the inclusion of 90+ apps in our exclusive ecosystem of 400+ apps since the Summer '23 Edition. Unlock features like conversion tracking, loyalty programs, post-purchase surveys, upsells, and customized content.


New web performance dashboard

Using the new web performance dashboard, monitor and enhance storefront performance across three Core Web Vitals with reliable information. Shopify's infrastructure has accelerated by 35% in the last year, and we have increased their worldwide points of presence.



Upgrade your in-store checkout with the new POS Terminal

Sell reliably at the counter

You can power your biggest sales days with dependable Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity thanks to Shopify's 99.9% platform uptime. Additionally, swipe, chip, and tap payments are accepted.

Match y display to y brand

Feature your brand prominently with a display that is both fully functioning and capable of holding distinctive images or logos.

Easily capture customer emails

You can easily collect email addresses and marketing opt-ins and deliver one-tap digital receipts by leveraging Shop Pay's extensive buyer network.

Manage UI extensions across locations in the admin

New UI extensions from the POS channel in the admin are easier to install and activate for retailers with many locations and hardware devices.

Easier fulfillment from retail locations

Retail staff now have an easier time completing online orders by employing the Point of Sale (POS) for fulfilling tasks. They can also choose, pack, and ship orders with the help of the Orders index menu and the new send-from-store capability.


Empower sales reps with new permissions for B2B orders

By giving additional staff privileges, you can restrict access so that sales representatives can only examine customer data for their own accounts and place orders. Define the access levels of supervisors and sales reps using the roles located in staff permissions. exclusive to Shopify Plus users.

Simplify international selling with Markets Pro now available in the US

All US firms can presently use Shopify Markets Pro. With its integrated operational capabilities, all of Shopify Markets' localization tools, even more automation, and a merchant-of-record solution to simplify things, Markets Pro lets you scale your global business smoothly.

Trade, our new theme optimized for B2B

Quickly set up your store with a unique theme made for wholesale companies. Our brand-new rapid order tools, make it simple for clients to place large orders while tailoring Trade to your company's requirements.



Stronger retargeting and benchmarks for y ads

Retarget two times as many possible customers.

More intelligent algorithms that optimize performance on the leading ad networks have been introduced. Thanks to enhanced custom Retargeting Boost lists in V2.2, which are only available with Shopify Plus, the majority of merchants have at least double the size of their remarketing audiences.

New benchmarks for measuring performance

Check Shopify Audiences to see how your ad performs in comparison to similar stores or industry groups. Examine important metrics and use past data to distinguish campaign performance from seasonal trends.


Attract new customers across more channels with Shop Campaigns

Shop Cash offers is now Shop Promotions

Shop Campaigns is growing. Draw customers to the online, the Shop app, and soon, Meta and Google. Continue driving orders at a set cost per acquisition on Shop.

New estimates and analytics to scale campaigns

With extended analytics, you can better analyze and optimize campaigns and receive real-time projections for new clients, sales, and return on investment.

Shop Campaigns drive up to 24% new customer growth

Shop Campaigns help brands like Thrive Causemetics, Caraway, and Olukai propel growth. It has aided companies in gaining more than 1 million new clients.

Shoppable videos and product recommendation quizzes

Boost engagement with Shop Minis, including shoppable videos on the home feed from Tolstoy, shoppable videos in your store from Videowise and Showday, and product recommendation quizzes from Shop Quiz.

Increase order conversion using lead capture with Shop

Boost order conversion when you let 100M+ customers with Shop accounts sign-in on your lead capture form, automatically applying their discount and helping them speed through checkout.


Display reviews across more surfaces

New review partners and surfaces

Sync ratings and reviews with Yotpo, Loox,, Okendo, and across other platforms, such as the web store, Shop app, and Shopify Collective.

Replies to reviews in Shop now sync across channels

Your review responses now automatically sync across all platforms, thanks to metaobjects' enhanced data management capabilities.

Verified by Shop badge in y online store

To gain consumers' trust, shop-generated reviews in my online store now bear the Verified by Shop logo.



Transform product photography with AI

Take expert product shots with the new AI-powered image editing tools. With only a few clicks or keywords, you can quickly create, match, or remove the background of any current image. No prior design knowledge is required. accessible in the first half of 2024.

Building the best Sidekick for your business

Consider having a Shopify specialist by your side at all times. Sidekick will serve as your very own highly knowledgeable and perceptive counselor, offering you specialized and well-informed guidance. to accomplish more in less time.


Built-in tools for managing privacy and compliance across markets

Easily manage consent and privacy using tools that are straightforward to use. The privacy options are now adjustable by area, are available on a single page, and include recommendations on which settings to enable.


The only lending portfolio made for commerce

Shopify Capital's next development, featuring more adaptable and customizable funding options, is now available. Three products are available in the new lending portfolio to support the growth of scaling businesses: Lines of Credit, Term Loans, and Capital Loans and Cash Advances. Only available to qualified Shopify retailers.

A flexible Line of Credit right in your admin

With the Shopify Line of Credit's numerous financing options, you can be prepared for any eventuality. You can request money whenever you want, pay interest just on the amount you use— not the whole amount —and get more when you pay it back. No draw or origination costs, and no unpleasant surprises.


Simplify y filing with the US sales tax report

The Shopify US sales tax report for annual, quarterly, and monthly filing can save you time and reduce your worry. You can obtain a single report including the necessary data, broken down at the state, county, and city levels, by selecting a state and filtering by the requisite filing time.


New code action, search, and notifications for Flow

Code automation for complex business needs

Use the Run code action. action to write JavaScript code that performs custom logic, aggregates data, calculates dates, and more.

Discover tasks and templates easily

Use natural language search to find new pre-built automation more quickly. Launch a new, centralized search in the editor that searches across all tasks.

Automatic notifications for failed workflows

Receive alerts when a workflow breaks so you can take quick action and limit the impact on your organization.


Exchanges on Shopify

First, we enhanced Shopify's post-purchase experience by integrating native returns. We are also now introducing native exchanges. Exchanges can be easily created, monitored, and managed for every order from the admin. accessible in the first half of 2024.


Find the best apps for your business using AI

Obtain AI-powered advice based on your unique business problems. Use keywords like "let buyers customize products" or "simplify the returns process" to get the finest applications and features with the new guided search.



New theme blocks in the developer preview

Reuse theme blocks

Blocks can be defined only once and then reused across sections to reduce superfluous labor.

Nest blocks to customize designs

Blocks can be nested up to eight levels deep for more design control. Layouts can be readily edited and rearranged without requiring heavy code changes.

Kickstart design with block presets

Additionally, our pre-made theme block presets are an ideal place to start when customizing your own.


A pain-free path to production

Utilise Subrequest Profiler to enhance performance.

Take a look under the hood of your server to learn more about how well your queries are operating and get rid of any request waterfalls or cache misses.

Trace errors to local source code

With the help of source maps, the Hydrogen channel now enables you to quickly identify the source of an error in your browser.

Deploy with confidence

Use h2 deploy via the CLI to deploy, or use any CI/CD system. With enhanced support for automated end-to-end testing on every platform, you can find defects before they are shipped.


Customer Account Extensibility in Developer Preview

Combine new components, extension APIs, and external network calls with the same Shopify Checkout user interface elements to build extensions straight into new client accounts. Bring apps closer to your users and give new users access to robust features. accessible in the developer preview.


The new Store Credit Primitive and API

With the new Store Credit Primitive and API, you can help retailers enhance their customer experience by giving them the ability to reliably issue, track, and report on store credit. accessible in the developer preview.


Flow gets more developer-friendly

The new Run code action

In the Run code action, write JavaScript code to add logic, calculate dates, summarise data, and more.

Preview Flow tasks with the dev command

Use the dev command in the CLI to preview Flow tasks for more integrated testing. Create triggers using more intricate data structures, such as objects and lists.


Whether you want to expand your brand globally, improve website conversion rates and customer acquisition, test out in-person sales, or optimize your fulfillment and operations, Shopify Editions has everything you need to help you take on and confidently accomplish your goals. Don't forget to explore all Shopify Editions and a previous release.

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