How to use ChatGPT for email marketing?

Discover the benefits of using ChatGPT for email campaigns and how to implement it for personalized content, automation, increased engagement, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Get the most out of your cold email marketing strategy with ChatGPT

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If you've worked with email campaigns and marketing for some time, you'll be aware of how challenging it can be to manage and sustain the use of cold emails and email marketing tactics. Many companies completely lose up on cold email marketing. They claim that it doesn't provide efficient leads or sales.

However, a rising popular alternative to providing beautiful content is chatbots and AIs! This artificial virtual intelligence can respond to inquiries about goods or services on interactive online chat platforms and provide primarily unique content for web users. These days, ChatGPT is the most widely used and cost-free (as of right now) version.

In this post, we'll go deeper into the fundamentals of ChatGPT, its significance, and advantages, some fundamentals for adding ChatGPT prompts to your email marketing campaigns, and key strategies with real-world examples!

What is ChatGPT and the Basic Idea of a Chatbot?

Let's first describe the fundamental concept of a chatbot before identifying the "ChatGPT" and its features. A chatbot is just software that allows people to communicate with it through a chatbot; it is a very rudimentary form of artificial intelligence. While a chatbot can help with routine jobs like answering queries for customers and doing financial follow-ups, some creative work like problem-solving, optimization, or authoring may also require human involvement. When organizations wish to reach a big audience, such as by administering extensive customer services or delivering customer happiness through digital APPs, chatbots are especially helpful.

However, ChatGPT differs significantly from the common chatbots found on websites or mobile applications. While chatbots are a type of conversational agent that can understand and respond to user input, ChatGPT is primarily a language generation model. The usage of ChatGPT and chatbots for customer service is both possible, but there are some significant differences between the two in terms of "Language Generation, Understanding User Input, Complexity, and Personalization." This is why:

Language Generation: While chatbots normally use pre-written scripts and responses, ChatGPT is a language generation model that can produce text that sounds like it was produced by a human. ChatGPT is superior for customer service since it can produce more natural language. Additionally, ChatGPT can respond to a variety of languages, whereas traditional chatbots might only be able to do so.

Understanding user input: ChatGPT generates the response depending on the input it gets; it does not understand the user input. Contrarily, chatbots utilize machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to understand user input and respond appropriately.

Complexity: While chatbots are often restricted to pre-written scripts and responses, ChatGPT can be utilized to generate more complicated and nuanced responses.

Personalization: To produce incredibly tailored and pertinent responses, ChatGPT can be taught using information about the recipients, including their demographics, interests, and previous interactions. On the other hand, chatbots might not be able to produce as customized responses.

The capacity to generate natural language makes ChatGPT, in its newly released version, a more sophisticated tool than conventional chatbots. This makes it superior in particular for applications that require personalization.

The Benefits of Using ChatGPT for Email Campaigns

You might infer from the foregoing reasons that using ChatGPT actively for email copywriting has several advantages. Here are just a handful of the many advantages that organizations enjoy when using ChatGPT in their cold email marketing, from increased conversion rates to decreased expenses and a smoother experience:

Personalized material: To create highly relevant and personalized email content, ChatGPT can be trained on information about the recipients, including their demographics, preferences, and previous interactions.

Automation: The email marketing team can save time and resources by using it as an AI copywriting tool to create automatic solutions to frequently requested inquiries.

Increased engagement: Emails created with ChatGPT may be more relevant and personalized, which may increase the likelihood that recipients would open and interact with the emails.

Scalability: High-volume email campaigns are a good fit for ChatGPT since they can produce a lot of information rapidly and effectively.

Cost-effective: By decreasing the need for manual work, using this AI copy generator can help cut costs.

Language Generation: ChatGPT can also be used to help create emails in several languages, which is advantageous for companies that conduct business internationally.

How Can We Implement ChatGPT into Email Marketing Campaigns?

There are numerous ways to use ChatGPT in email marketing campaigns, in addition to its advantages. The below topics can also be replies to the question of “How to Write Cold Emails Using AI Tools?”

Personalized subject lines & body content: Based on recipient information like name or interests, ChatGPT may generate tailored subject lines and body content for emails. It can also generate personalized email headers and footers.

Automated responses: The email marketing team can save time and resources by using ChatGPT to automatically produce answers to frequently requested inquiries.

Segmented email campaigns: As an AI writing tool, it can be used to generate different versions of an email for different segments of recipients, such as different age groups or interests.

A/B Testing: By training the model on a smaller dataset of pertinent text, the model can be tailored to certain tasks. The model may now provide text that is more relevant to the current task thanks to this process of fine-tuning. A/B testing can be used to determine which is superior.

Integration with Email marketing platform: Future iterations of the model will be compatible with Mailsoftly and other email marketing platforms. This enables the model to produce text and deliver it to the recipients as an email. Check out our blog post The Future of Email Marketing for more details on the topic.

Language Differentiation: Additionally, ChatGPT can be used to quickly and effectively create the email in multiple languages for businesses that operate internationally.


You may improve the effectiveness of your cold email campaigns by using ChatGPT to increase engagement and conversions. By increasing your leads and sales as well as assisting with and improving your copywriting, they may help you increase your total profitability. Using ChatGPT's benefits can be a terrific addition to your email marketing plan if you're searching for a new technique to increase sales and conversions.


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