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Looking for the best Shopify pricing plan in 2023? This guide compares all Shopify packages (Basic, Shopify, Advanced, Plus). Prices, features and tips on choosing the right ecommerce plan.

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Shopify Pricing: Which Shopify Pricing Plan is Best for You?

Want to know the best Shopify pricing plan for 2023? This extensive manual will help you select the Shopify package that is best for your business.

Shopify Fees And Shopify Pricing Plans In 2023

You need to look at the available price plans if you've concluded that Shopify is the best eCommerce platform for you and your company. Because we think Shopify is the ideal platform for expanding your eCommerce business, we've created the definitive guide to selecting a Shopify price plan. Shopify costs are based on a tiered pricing structure, allowing merchants to select the one that best suits the scale of their current business. It is simple to move from Shopify Basic to Shopify Plus as businesses expand and need more features.

Shopify made several changes to the pricing tiers in 2023. It was the first significant pricing change throughout those twelve years, despite the platform's advances and enhancements. The Basic, Shopify, and Advanced plans—all of which are covered in this article—are affected by the increased pricing. Which Shopify pricing plan is appropriate for you and your company may be a question if you're starting a new business or experiencing growth and need to change your plan. What is the price of Shopify? Continue reading to learn about the prices for each plan as well as our suggestions.

PART 1 - Shopify Pricing: How Much Is Shopify Per Month?

If you're wondering whether Shopify takes a cut, read on. The answer is: yes, Shopify does charge a fee in exchange for using the platform, as we'll explain.

So what is the monthly fee for Shopify? Here is an explanation of how much each Shopify price plan costs.

In summary, there are 5 options when it comes to Shopify tiers:

  • Starter
  • Basic
  • Shopify
  • Advanced
  • Shopify Plus

(NB Shopify Lite was a legacy product, no longer available to new merchants and which has been replaced by 'Starter'. Any merchants still on Lite who decide to move to a different plan, will not be able to subsequently return to Lite.)

1. Starter

  • What you get: sell products via social and messaging apps (i.e. no online store)
  • Subscription: £5 per month (no price reduction for annual payment)

2. Basic:

  • What you get: everything you need to create your store, ship products, and process payments
  • Subscription fee: £19/month if paid annually, £25/month if monthly
  • Online credit card rate: 2% + 25p
  • In-person credit card rate: 1.7% + 0p

3. Shopify:

  • What you get: level up your business with professional reporting and more staff accounts
  • Subscription fee: £49/month if paid annually, £65/month if monthly
  • Online credit card rate: 1.7% + 25p
  • In-person credit card rate: 1.6% + 0p

4. Advanced:

  • What you get: the best of Shopify with custom reporting and the lowest transaction fees
  • Subscription fee: £259/month if paid annually, £344/month if monthly
  • Online credit card rate: 1.5% + 25p
  • In-person credit card rate: 1.5% + 0p

5. Shopify Plus:

  • What you get: all-in-one solution for high-volume businesses
  • Subscription fee: USD 2,000/month, or 0.25% of sales if your revenue exceeds USD 800K in any given month. It is one or the other, never both.

PART 2 - What Does Each Shopify Pricing Plan Include?

2.1 What’s Included in the Shopify Starter Pricing Plan?

The Shopify starter plan is the most user-friendly version. Online retailers may create a Starter store with Shopify's streamlined and market-leading checkout experience for just £5 per month. Starter is perfect for sharing a link to a product on social media, by email, SMS, WhatsApp, and any other medium. Additionally, putting it up doesn't take a lot of time or work. Additionally, the Starter plan makes it simple for clients to make purchases whenever and wherever they locate things thanks to its mobile device optimizations.

How much does Shopify Starter cost?


After Starter comes Basic, Shopify, and Advanced, all of which come with the following features:

  • Online store: Build an online store with Shopify’s robust eCommerce platform—no coding required
  • Sales channels: Promote and sell your products on multiple sales channels all from within Shopify
  • Point of sale: Shopify’s all-in-one POS system comes with inventory tracking, staff management, and more
  • 24/7 support: Shopify offers 24/7 email and English live chat support on all Shopify plans

2.2 What’s Included in the Basic Shopify Pricing Plan?

‘All the basics for starting a new business.’ The bare minimum choice you'll need to set up your own eCommerce business is the Shopify Basic price plan. You receive blog capabilities and a Shopify-hosted store. You may add an unlimited amount of products, use Shopify's fraud risk analysis tool, add discount codes to your store, get a free SSL certificate to ensure the security of your transactions, and get round-the-clock assistance.

You get access to basic reports, up to 1,000 inventory locations, and 2 staff accounts.

How much does Basic Shopify cost?

£19/month if paid annually, £25/month if monthly.

Shopify also keeps 25p and 2% of each online transaction. If Shopify payments are not used, third-party transaction fees are 2%.

Comparatively, Amazon charges between 7% and 45%, depending on the product. Due to Shopify's minimal fees, you can fully manage your income. Shopify provides some of the lowest fees in the market.

This is the ideal choice for business owners who want an attractive and fully functional online store but are content to forego some of the capabilities offered by the "Shopify" Plan.

2.3 What’s included in the 'Shopify' Pricing Plan?

‘Everything you need for a growing business.’ The most common Shopify pricing option is this one. It includes your free SSL certificate, discount codes, Shopify's fraud risk tool, and round-the-clock support.

You get access to professional reports, up to 1,000 inventory locations, and 5 staff accounts.

How much does the Shopify plan cost?

£49/month if paid annually, £65/month if monthly.

Shopify also takes 1.7% of each online sale, and 25p. Third-party transaction fees if not using Shopify payments are 1%.

As a guide, if your store brings in over £5,000 per month, this plan is worth considering.

2.4 What’s included in the Shopify Advanced Pricing Plan?

Advanced features to help you grow your business A more advanced version of the standard Shopify plan is the Shopify Advanced bundle. The 15 employee accounts and third-party shipping calculation are the key additions. This applies to companies that ship enough goods to justify outsourcing delivery. Additionally, you can use customized reporting. Once more, this is for retailers who offer a large number of products and need to produce data for particular collections or product kinds.

You have access to up to 1,000 inventory locations, a custom report builder, and 15 staff accounts.

How much does the Shopify Advanced plan cost?

£259 a month if paid annually, £344 if monthly.

Shopify also keeps 25p and 1.5% of every online transaction. If Shopify payments are not used, third-party transaction fees are 0.5%.

You receive a lot of value for your money. This is for established companies that have experienced some level of eCommerce success and wish to expand.

It is a fantastic choice for businesses that sell in large quantities and want a third party to handle product shipment. If you meet those requirements and generate monthly inbound revenue of over $10,000, we advise taking this option into account.

2.5 Shopify Plus Pricing?

If your monthly revenue surpasses USD 800K, the charge for the Plus solution is USD 2,000 or 0.25 percent of sales. Always choose one above the other. As one of the first Shopify Plus Partners, ECORN has the knowledge and Shopify's endorsement to help merchants build Shopify Plus stores that look stunning and are optimized for conversions.

Shopify Plus is used by more than 14,000 commercial brands operating in 175 nations to power their online stores.

PART 3 - Other Considerations When Choosing Your Shopify Plan

When should you switch between Shopify plans?

If you're just getting started, we advise starting with the Basic Shopify price plan and moving up as your company grows and when your eCommerce site needs additional features and your sales and revenue demonstrate that you can afford it. Take a look at our suggestions if you currently have a store and want to migrate to Shopify because it is more affordable and filled with useful features.

Which Shopify plan is best for you?

You should continue with the Basic Plan if your monthly income is less than £5,000 per month. You should upgrade to the Shopify Plan if your monthly income exceeds £5,000. If your income is over £10,000, you should think about upgrading to the Advanced Plan.

Choosing a payment gateway

Which payment gateway your store will employ is something else to take into account. Shopify provides Shopify Payments, which helps store owners keep costs down.

When using Shopify Payments, stores pay no transaction fees. For our Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify plans, extra fees of 2%, 1%, or 0.5% will apply if you select a third-party payment processor.

When using a third-party payment gateway on Shopify Plus without using Shopify Payments, a transaction fee of 0.30% is added, making your final cost 0.95% + 0.30% = 1.25%.

The transaction charge is completely removed if you choose to utilize Shopify Payments as your main payment gateway.

If you choose to use an external gateway to process credit cards, you will be responsible for both that gateway's fees and an additional transaction charge from Shopify.

Here’s a breakdown of third-party charges:

Paypal - 3.49% + 39p per transaction

Worldpay - there are 3 price plans: £19/month including 350 transactions, £45/month including 850 transactions, 'enterprise' for a bespoke arrangement

Square - 2.9% + 30p per transaction.

Shopify Apps

The features listed in the various Shopify price plans show how many built-in functionalities are available on the platform. Thanks to the global network of app developers and Shopify agencies, there is also a growing app industry.

You may find hundreds of free and paid applications to enhance and customize your store in a variety of ways if you visit the Shopify app store.

Buying a Pre-Built Shopify Store

There are ways to purchase an existing Shopify store in addition to the choice of enrolling in one of the five plans we've covered in this post. Depending on the sales they're producing and the existing customer base, the price of these stores might range from a few hundred pounds to millions.

PART 4 - Shopify Pricing: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Shopify free?

While there is a 3-day free trial, it is not free. During this time, you can set up your store and make it accessible to customers. Until you have selected one of the premium plans, you cannot make any sales.

2. How much does Shopify cost?

Shopify pricing depends on the plan that you choose, as follows:


Subscription fee: £5 per month (no price reduction for annual payment)


Subscription fee: £19/month if paid annually, £25/month if monthly


Subscription fee: £49/month if paid annually, £65/month if monthly


Subscription fee: £259/month if paid annually, £344/month if monthly

Shopify Plus:

Subscription fee: prices on request but starting at approximately £1,600 or $2,000/month

3. What are Shopify Payments?

Shopify’s payment gateway. Using this means that you won’t get charged additional fees on top of credit card fees. Using third-party gateways will result in additional charges (see next question).

4. Does Shopify have transaction fees?

There is no transaction cost if you use Shopify Payments. You will be charged 2% on Basic Shopify, 1% on Shopify, and 0.5% on Advanced Shopify if you use a third-party payment provider and do not have Shopify Payments.

5. How long are the Shopify contracts?

Month to month, unless you sign up for an annual plan.

6. Are there discounts on plans?

If a year is paid for in advance (as opposed to paying monthly), a discount is applied to the Basic, Shopify, and Advanced plans.

7. Is it easy to change the plan?

You can upgrade or downgrade your Shopify plan at any time.

8. Which Shopify plan is best for a new store?

Start with the Basic Plan if your monthly income is between £0 and £5,000 per month. You should upgrade to the Shopify Plan if your monthly income exceeds £5,000. If your income is over £10,000, you should think about upgrading to the Advanced Plan.

9. Is Shopify cheaper than Magento?

Magento is free - however, it’s not that straightforward. Read our Magento vs. Shopify blog for more details on comparisons between the two platforms, including price.

10. How many people on my team can use the Shopify store?

Basic Shopify allows 2 staff accounts. Shopify allows 5 staff accounts. Advanced Shopify allows 15 staff accounts.

11. Is there a limit to how many products I can sell on Shopify?

You can sell an unlimited number of products on every plan. No restrictions.

12. Are there restrictions on several sales and site visitors?

No - number of sales and number of visitors are not restricted. The more the merrier!

You should now have a good understanding of the various levels of Shopify pricing available, as well as the features included in each tier. Please contact us if you require any additional assistance with Shopify, website design, development, app support, or marketing strategies.


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